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Pokemon Go Game is now available to download for UK user only. According to News, Pokemon Go is downloaded by 8 million people in the 1st week. You can understand how Pokemon Go game is most popular…!! A week ago, This game is release for Australia and New Zealand users and Now it finally launched in the UK.

If you always connected with media then surely you heard about this game. Pokemon Go this just become famous game after its launching and now it is dominating media coverage.

In this post I will tell you about Pokemon Go game and also give you direct download link for any other country.

What is Pokemon GO?

According to Wikipedia, Pokémon Go is free to play location based augmented reality mobile game or you can say Pokémon Go is semi virtual reality game which is developed by Niantic and Published by The Pokémon Company and this company is a part of the Pokémon franchise and Pokemon Go was released in July 2016 for both Android and iOS devices.

After reading above you know this game is so popular and is so success as compared to twitter.

This game allows players to capture, battle and train virtual creatures which is called Pokémon, is appear throughout the real world. For playing this game you need GPS and the camera compatible devices.

After all reading this game i know you want to play Pokemon Go game. Well, This game is only launch for selected countries. If you really want to play this game in your own country then download Pokemon Go .apk

Direct Download Pokemon Go Game

Living Countries like UK then you can download it From Play Store.


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Getting Error like “This item isn’t available in your country.” Then Follow below :

If you are living outside of that country where Pokemon Go is not available to Play. Don’t be stress. I have one trick for you to play this game in your country. Just direct download and install Pokemon Go apk file from below link.


Final Word

I hope you understand about Pokemon Go game. I will publish tips and tricks on this game as soon as possible. If you have any doubt about this then comment below.


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