All Airtel USSD Codes (Airtel Net Balance Check) 4G Data Offer

Hey, 100% working latest USSD Code for Airtel Mobile Network. Below Airtel USSD codes enable you to check Airtel main balance. Just only you have to dial these Airtel USSD Codes to check mobile balance (as 2g, 3g, 4g and main balance), Airtel net Balance Check No,
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Airtel Net Balance Check Codes


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Airtel Net Balance Check Usage – App

Airtel has launched its app to check Airtel account balance and Airtel internet balance. Use this app to check account balance because ussd codes are not working properly many times and give wrong information.

Click here to download Airtel app

Airtel USSD Codes to Check Balance (2G, 3G, 4G, Main bal.)

Airtel Balance CheckDial  *123#
Airtel SMS BalanceDial  *123*7#
Airtel Net Balance CheckDial  *123*10# or *123*11#
Airtel 3G Data Balance CheckDial  *123*11#
Airtel 2G Internet Balance CheckDial  *123*10#
Airtel to Airtel Minutes Balance CheckDial  *123*1#
check Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes BalanceDial  *123*6#
Airtel Free STD Minutes Balance checkDial  *123*8#

USSD Code for Airtel, Activation & Deactivation Service

Airtel 3G ActivationSend SMS- 3G to 121
Activate Airtel DNDDial 1909 and follow the instruction of voice
Airtel SMS Activation Code(Pack 1)Dial  *110*5# – Get 150 local & STD SMS valid for 1 day till midnight
Airtel SMS Activation Code(Pack 2)Dial  *110*3# – Get 60 local & STD SMS valid for 1 day till midnight
Airtel SMS Activation Code:(Pack 3)Dial  *110*1# – Get 20 local & STD SMS valid for 1 day till midnight
Airtel SMS Deactivation modeDial  *110#
Airtel Mobile Office Activation and Deactivation or Airtel GPRS ActivationDial  *567#
Airtel Missed Call Alert Service ActivationDial  *888#
Airtel Gift ServiceDial  *141#
Airtel LoanDial  *141#
Airtel moneyDial  *400#
Airtel my offerDial  *121#
Airtel Number CheckDial  *282# or *121*9#
Airtel Twitter ServiceDial  *515#
Airtel Facebook ServiceDial  *325#
Airtel Mobile Number PortabilitySend  SMS- PORT to 1909
Airtel Hello TunesDial  *678#
Airtel Balance Transfer CodeDial  *141# and then choose your given options.
Start Airtel ServiceSend SMS- START to 121
Airtel Live ServiceCall 543212
To Stop any Service on AirtelSend SMS- STOP to 121
Airtel Caller Tune USSD CodeDial  5432111888

Airtel Customer Care No. : Dial 198 or 121

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