Al Roker’s ‘Last Walk’ Before Major Surgery 2023
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Al Roker’s ‘Last Walk’ Before Major Surgery 2023

Al Roker enjoyed the nice weather on Saturday, walking around Central Park one final time before surgery.

The 68-year-old NBC weather forecaster revealed he will take a vacation after knee replacement surgery over the weekend.

On May 6, Roker warned followers on Instagram that Monday would be his last performance before “a replacement of a replacement” surgery.

“I’m a little less than three days away from getting this left knee replaced,” he said in the tape. Because his operation is “a replacement of a replacement,” he expects to be “limping through” his recuperation, which he called “very difficult.”

Al Roker's 'Last Walk' Before Major Surgery 2023 3

After surgery, the popular weatherman will take a break from ‘Today’.

“This is probably my last walk of any significance before the knee, but it was such a gorgeous day, I had to get out and enjoy it,” Roker added. “Anyway, I hope you’re having a great weekend, see you Monday, and then I’m going to be off for a little while to take care of the knee.”

“Anyway, take care and hang in there, baby,” the adored TV personality said. Even though it’s his second complete knee replacement, he clarified in the caption.

The morning program presenter, who has hosted since 1996, had his left knee replaced in 2001 and his right knee 15 years later. After a medical visit and x-ray to drain knee fluid, he discussed the procedure again last September.

Unfortunately, Roker’s knee trouble is one of numerous health difficulties he’s discussed in recent years. The meteorologist has also discussed gastric bypass, hip replacement, back, carpel tunnel, and bleeding ulcer and blood clot surgeries.

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