Top 5+ Best Antivirus Apps for Android Smartphone 2016

Have you Android Smartphone, want to make secure and protectected form virus ? Well, Here i am going to share the best Antivirus Apps list for Smartphone Latest 2016. There is not any doubt to choose the best one Antivirus because here i have listed the latest best Antivirus App to use this in your Android device. Antivirus Apps gives guarantee to make android safe. Why you need Antivirus Apps for smartphone ? Because of Dangerous virus who comes from file transferring from computer to android or file transferring from android to android and also largely virus comes from the internet when you download things like apps, movies, videos, audios from third party site they send malware and viruses. So use Antivirus Apps and make secure downloading and file transferring. These best antivirus apps also help you from hacker who want to steal saved password and sensitive information from your android phone.

Why you should choose these Antivirus Apps.? Because these are the best Antivirus and Security apps made for fighting against malware. If malware entered in your smartphone they gain access everything from your Android smartphone. As you serf the internet of download stuff from rough site or virus infected site then they directly entered into Android device. If they entered into your smartphone you will lose control of your phone. So i highly recommend you to install Antivirus Apps form The best android antivirus apps. If your Google Play store is not working then you should check my another post that will tell you How to download Play Store Apps from Pc or Browser .

Top 5 Android Security and Antivirus Apps

#1. CM Security Antivirus – Scanner and Virus Remover

CM Security Android App is one of the best malware remover app and junk cleaner also. Actually i am using this in my smartphone and i get good experience with it. CM Security Antivirus is build and lunched by Cheetah Mobile Developers. I belief this is one of the best Antivirus software and i suggest you to use it.

CM Security App has many features like hide apps from desktop, App lock (Facebook, Whatsapp and hike), mobile number locator, Find stolen phone, Anti-theft option, Anti-malware, secure browsing data, Virus Scanner, Junk Cleaner and great point is its totally free for cost.

Direct download CM Security Antivirus App from Play Store.

#2. Avast Mobile Security – Best Antivirus App

Avast is very famous Antivirus Software in the world. I have used Avast antivirus in my PC that works great. Now its time to use Avast Mobile Security in Smartphone. Avast provides many features in free version antivirus app but if you want super features the you should go with premium version of Avast Antivirus App. The free version of Avast provides Virus Scanner,Safe browsing tool, Spam calls and Spam SMS blocker, Network health meter,Backup and Restore data available, protect personal data form hacker, Virus removal tools to make your mobile fast and secure.

Direct download Avast Mobile Security App from Play Store.

#3. AVG Antivirus and Security APP

AVG is the best alternative of Avast Mobile Security App which is use to boost smartphone performance and increase smartphone security. AVG Antivirus comes with free and premium versions. Free versions of AVG Antivirus provides Anti-theft feature, Secure from hackers and it works like a smartphone bodyguard. You should use AVG Antivirus premium version to get super features which is not given in free version app.

AVG Antivirus App provides virus scanner, Anti theft feature, stolen phone location finder, virus remover, virus scanner and free App lock to lock personal data.

Direct download AVG Antivirus and Security App from Play Store.

#4. Avira Antivirus Security

Avira Antivirus Security app is another antivirus app. Avira has two types of subscription of this app, first one is free that means you never have to pay for this security app., and second one is premium version which is use to unlock advance features from Avira app.

Avira Security app is an automatic virus removal tools and it provide anti-theft tools to find device location remotely, App lock tool, Wipe SD tool and trigger an alarm. Not only this, Avira App provide safeguard tools and also you can block call and sms using blacklisting options.

Direct download Avira Antivirus Security Apps from Play Store.

#5. 360 Mobile security – Best Antivirus for Android

3600 Mobile Security App is similar to CM Security, Avast and AVG antivirus apps. 360 degree App is most popular antivirus app that have great UI. I have already used this app but this is not best as like CM Security App. 360 mobile Antivirus app has many features and tools to protect your mobile from hackers.

360 mobile security app provide junk cleaner tools, virus removal tool and mobile scanner tools to boost and increase Android performance.

Direct download 360 Mobile Security App from Play Store.


These are the best antivirus apps for Android mobile. So use them and secure you mobile from virus, stop stealing personal data from hacker. You should like our facebook fan page to get latest notification from us.

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