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Best Fitness Apps for Android: Today I came with an awesome article which is made for your health care. Here I am going to share the list of best fitness apps for android. If you really want to be fit then these fitness android apps will be helpful to track the level of your fitness activities. These top fitness apps are the best health tracking app which is used to track fitness information. These fitness apps are used as best workout apps for a smartphone to take care of your all fitness and workouts related issues.

Install a fitness app and track your fitness activities. These fitness apps help you in becoming a fit person and also it will boost your confidence level for your health. You know very well, If I want a great mind then I should be healthy because a great mind born in a healthy body.

Best Fitness Apps for Android

There are many best workout apps available in Google Play Store but here I am listing best five of them fitness apps for mobile. If you are using any other useful fitness app then please comment below, It may be very useful for our visitors.

#1. Workout Trainer – Fitness Coach

Workout trainer app provides you personal trainers that guide you through the exercise with timed, step by step audio, photo and video instructions complete with encouragement.! This app trainer also guides you in doing bodyweight workouts at home or lifting weights at the gyms. You can use this app to get a six pack, improve your running time, lose weight, practice yoga guide etc. This is most famouse best fitness apps for android. You should give it a try.

Workout trainer app has downloaded 10 million till now. Workout trainer app offers various training programs like Weight loss, 6 pack tones abs, gym cardio, strong & slim, functional fitness, peak power, bikini beach babe, lose it tone it, yin & yang yoga, lean pilates, lower body booster, slim & trim, fit flex& fierce and Total Body challenge etc.

Direct download Workout fitness app from Play Store

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#2. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter fitness app is another workout app. Calorie Counter is the most famous health and fitness app. With the largest food database by far (over 6000000 foods), Calorie Counter amazingly fast and easy to use calorie counter. Calorie Counter helps to maintain the diet by eating some healthy food. If you need to know healthy food then this app will guide you in a better way.

It is a calorie counter and it is the best fitness apps for android to download right now.

Direct download Calorie Counter best android fitness apps from Play Store

#3. SleepBot – Sleep Cycle Alarm

SleepBot is an android app which is used to maintain sleeping time. Sleeping is the best way to give the rest of your mind and body that increase your productivity. According to a health expert, they advise everyone to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours.

SleepBot app is a smart alarm with the motion tracker. It guides for better sleeping.

Features of SleepBot App –

  • Set and customize multiple alarms, like alerts.
  • Use this as motion tracking
  • You can record your sound.
  • It includes quick solutions to fall asleep and stay awake.
  • set an automatic alarm to wake up.
  • set a reminder for you to go to sleep.

Direct download Sleepbot fitness app from Play Store

#4. VirtuaGym Fitness

VirtuaGym Fitness is another best workout app for a smartphone which is an alternative of Workout trainer fitness app. Virtuagym app having 100+ workouts and 2500+exercises for at home & in the gym.

VirtuaGym app has downloaded 5 million till now. Get the best shape of your life with a virtuagym fitness app. Virtuagym app uses 3D animation guide to train gymer. VirtuaGym has a continuously growing exercise database, currently with over 2500 exercises and many premade workouts with you can do at home or in the gym.

Features of VirtuaGym fitness App –

  • Full workouts for the home & gym.
  • Create custom workout routines.
  • Clear 3D animated exercise videos.
  • workout remainders.
  • Personal trainer Brad fit.

Direct download VirtuaGym best android fitness apps from Play Store

#5. Instant Heart Rate – Heart Beat tracking app

Instant Heart Rate app is one of the best fitness android apps. Instant heart rate is the best heart rate tracking app. Instant heart rate is the most accurate heart rate monitor app for any smartphone and it doesn’t need any external hardware. Use Instant heart rate app for optimizing your exercise and to track your progress.

Instant heart rate has more than 25 million active users who use this fitness app to track heart rate. Instant Heart Rate use phones build in camera to track color changes on the fingertip that are directly linked to your pulse that’s why this app is helpful for checking heartbeat rate.

Direct download Instant Heart Rate best android fitness apps from Play Store

#6. Moves – Activity Tracking App

Moves is another fitness app which can be used to record daily walking, cycling and running. Moves app has 1 million active users that use Moves to track there fitness.

Features of Moves app:

  • Automatic Tracking – Records daily walking, cycling and running.
  • Place – Recognizes places in your daily life
  • Storyline – Visualizes your day in an easy to read the timeline.
  • Routes on map – See the paths you took.

Direct download Moves Now best android fitness apps from Play Store

#7. JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log

JEFIT Workout tracker is another best workout app for an android device which is having 1300+ fitness exercises. JEFIT is a simple personal trainers app for all types of exercises from bodybuilders to regular gym goers. JEFIT makes recording and logging your workouts a breeze, helps you create custom fitness routines or access 1300+ free exercises and offers powerful workout reporting.

JEFIT Workout tracker app has downloaded 1 Million till now. JEFIT is the workout tracker that will keep you focused and strongly motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Install it now to get a fitness pal on your path to living a healthier life.

Direct download Jefit Workout Tracker best android fitness apps from Play Store

Final Word on Best Android Fitness Apps

These are the free and paid best fitness apps for android. I highly recommend you to use these fitness apps to boost your productivity and stamina. Use your Android mobile as your fitness guider So install best android fitness apps from the above fitness app list.



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