Top 3 Related Post Plugins for WordPress Blog

Are you searching for best related post plugin to engage visitor by showing alternative post. ? Well, In this short tutorial i will show you three plugins to increase page view. When visitor read completed article then that is best time to show similar post to the visitors .

Related post is the best way to engage visitor by showing post related content after the ending of article. When visitor finished reading any article and then he see something related to his interested topic then there are 80% chances, he will eager to open that article also.


Well, There are many plugin to show related post in WordPress plugin section. But if you want to show related post without any plugin then follow below process :

  1. Login to your WordPress site.
  2. Go to My Sites section
  3. Hit on Settings anchor text
  4. Here you will get “Related Posts” settings. Now enable all in Related Posts menu.
  5. Successful, You have enabled content related article service in WordPress.


This feature will show only three related article.

Plugins to Show Related Post :

If you want to show effective related post Content with thumbnail image then use below third party tools.

#1. Related Posts Thumbnails

Related posts Thumbnails wordpress plugin is one of the best plugin to show related posts with thumbnails after the post. This plugin enable you to customize image thumbnail sizes, type of relation etc.




#2. Related Posts by Taxonomy

Want to increase visitors engagement then use this plugin to add related posts in sidebar or after ending article with widget or short code.

They highly depends upon Posts with the most terms in common will display at the top.




#3. Related Post

This plugin enable you to show or display related post under post or other post type using short codes. Related post is provided by



Above all plugins are used by me and enjoying a lot. But there are many other best related post plugin. Have a look what recommnend :



These 3 plugins are best plugin to show related post/article after the ending of article. If you know any other best plugin for showing related post then Please let us know in below comment section.




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