10 Best Video Calling Apps for Android (Face-to-Face Calling App)

Best Video Calling Apps for android: These days Technology had reached to another level. Now a day; even small kids are using high-end technology easily.  Video calling is providing a good platform by which we can connect to our relative. Humans are existing in such an environment in which we can see anyone instantly in just a single click.  Especially in World video calling became very popular from 2-3 year.

There are many best video calling android apps, however, 4g network is the backbone for the video calling; video calling is a revolution in smartphone technology. There are several applications which allow you to perform video calling. But as we all know very well! Some of the apps might disclose out contact numbers or other personal information with their partners. So, to avoid such issues we have researched a lot and have finalized few apps which are completely safe and ethical.

Best Video Calling Apps for Android [Best Video Calling Android Apps]

We won’t be recommending you to download the apps from any external app provider as they might provide you an affected file that can harm your Android Smartphone. So, always download the apps from Play Store. Now let’s begin with our list. We are going to share top 10 best video calling apps for android.


#1. Google Duo – Best Video Calling Android Apps

Best Video Calling android appsGuys Google is there in every field so, how can it miss this one. This application is the best application for one to one video calling. You can see the profile of whom you got a video call which will prevent spamming. Google duo allows you to call anyone of the relative using IOS device, even if you have an Android Smartphone. We must be familiar that all the Google application is best thus Google Duo to have maximum downloads on play store. In terms of rating, it is having 4.5 stars and is being appreciated a lot.

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#2. WhatsApp

Best Video Calling apps for android

You all are familiar with this app, most of us are using it and using almost all the services provided by WhatsApp. Users should use WhatsApp messaging instead of SMS. Instead of using the Cellular calling feature most of the WhatsApp users are using WhatsApp calling to connect with their friends. Recently a few months ago via update, WhatsApp had added Video calling feature. This video calling feature is performing well and users are very much satisfied with it. This feature had enhanced the rating by 0.3 stars.

Whatsapp is most popular best video calling apps for android, even it can work with IOS as well.


#3. IMO

It is one of the latest and most trending application. IMO is gaining popularity very fast. There are several options offered this app.  Contacts will be auto detected in this app which will make your using experience much easier and convenient. Users can connect to a group of people in a single video call. IMO is not only designed for video calling, however, we can use it as a chatting messenger. Users from all over the world had ratted IMO 4.3 out of 5, this is because some users are facing problems in sending SMS to their relatives.

IMO is increasing their user base, as we can also call it as best video calling apps for android.


#4. Tango

A very interesting video calling application which will make your calling interacting. Users can send text messages, sticker, videos and photos to their contacts. Going live is the new feature added by the developers of tango, it will make Tango more convenient to use. One issue that users faced is that there will be no profile data of any Tango users, or we can say that there is no bio of the users. This might be the reason where Tango gets a 4.3-star rating and it is downloaded more than 50 million times.


#5. Skype

Skype doesn’t only work as a video calling app along with this you can share your stories with your loving ones. Developers of Skype had made messaging easy, in just a few seconds we can share our photos, videos, and gifs with our friends. If you have to call someone who is not using Skype then, by paying little bit money you can call them even to landline users too. Skype users had given a 4.1-star rating. The reason behind low rating is that the updated Skype sucks. Everybody is disappointed with the updated version of Skype.


#6. YeeCall

It is another very reliable video calling app that can be used anywhere and anytime. In some countries, several Video calling apps don’t work properly but YeeCall will be an option that can serve you better. Users can contact their friends, relatives via sending text messages. You can create a group of contact of your friends and in one go you can call more than 20 people. Along with this make your face look more beautiful while a call by applying beautify features. In terms of rating, YeeCall gets a 4.3-star rating and just crossed the mark of 2o million downloads.


#7. KakaoTalk

It is a very fast video calling app. It helps you to connect instantly with your friends. KakaoTalk is being supported by almost all the platform including Android IOS and even on MacOS too. In terms of rating, KakaoTalk gets 44.3 stars and is being appreciated by most of the users.  Users can connect with a group using this app and developers are regularly updating the app to make it more easy and useful.

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#8. JusTalk

If you are looking for a simple and a light video calling app then you can go for Justalk. It is a very handy application with a 4.6-star rating. Users will get free calling options in this app. You can invite as many friends you want and can connect to them with a single click. Along with this if you are using Android and you want to call a friend using iPhone then, in just a click you can connect with him. You can make your video chat more interesting by playing games simultaneously and can share photos.


#9. Viber

Viber is a free messaging ass well a video calling app. It is one of the oldest apps that provide video calling feature. It is a very light app and will just use few MB to get into your app drawer. You can connect with your friends with any Hussle and you will get quality in low network conditions too. 1000s of the sticker are there to make your chat more colorful and interacting. This app got 4.3 stars ratings which are pretty good.


#10. WeChat

You might have noticed the ad of WeChat on your television screens. The developer of this app must have to concentrate on the app instead of going for the advertising. It is having some issues in its messaging service but Video calls are working perfectly and it delivers you a decent quality. This average app got a rating of 4.2 and it is only because of its video calling quality. It was our last recommended app and all the apps are available on Play Store and easy to use.


I hope you like the list of best video calling android apps. If you were searching for WhatsApp video calling alternative app then above app are best for you to talk your friends & family face-to-face in HD quality video calls in the low network connection. Well, I have used above all video calling app. So I listed them in the list. But I would like to know which one video calling app you are using in your smartphone. Please tell us in the comment section.

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