Top 10+ Best way to increase and save Smartphone Battery Life

Android Smartphones is powerful devices that comes with various useful features and they are friendly in use but maximum of Android user are facing battery problem, They always use to search how to boost Android battery backup. Every smartphone buyer should buy higher mAh battery. The higher mAh battery, the higher battery backup. Some Android device also give 2-3 days battery backup, Do you know why ? Because they have higher mAh battery and also may have lower number of features like – Small screen, optimized CPU, and many more things.

Today we are going to discus Why Android device has low battery backup ? and How we can increase battery backup of Android device ? Well, There is many app in your smartphone that suck up your battery. Battery sucker things may be Gmail app, facebook app, Games, Whatsapp and may background task also suck your battery backup. Smartphone has a various number of features like – Big Screen, Big CPU, Internet (3G and 4G), Big RAM . These are also main reason to low battery backup.

Do you know how to manage batter optimization and How to increase battery backup ? There is many app that can boost your battery backup but Here we will talk How to Boost battery backup without any apps . Follow below process for increasing battery backup of your Smartphone.

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How to increase Battery backup of Smartphone ?


  1. Dim the screen light of Smatphone
  2. Keep Scree Timeout Min.
  3. Turn Off radios (GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth), If not needed
  4. Turn Off Push Notifications
  5. Use Wi-Fi instead of Mobile internet connection (If possible)
  6. Lock Screen always, If not needed.
  7. Turn off vibration
  8. Open needed Apps only to use in one time
  9. Close Apps after use
  10. Room temp. must be medium (32 – 95 Fahrenheit)
  11. Must be Updated latest Software
  12. Disable Auto Sync
  13. Use Battery Saver Apps (As you want)

One by one Intro. for boosting Battery Backup:

#1. Dim the screen

You should Dim the brightness of your Smartphone screen it will be helpful for boosting battery life.

#2. Keep Screen Timeout low

Screen timeout is important part in increasing battery backup. You should set minimum 15 seconds of your Android mobile Screen timeout time. So i always advice you to set the minimum screen timeout.

#3. Turn Off radios (GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth), If not needed

GPS, Wifi, NFC, Internet(3G,4G), and Bluetooth services are very important role in our Enjoyable life. But do you know these services also suck up your battery . So you should turn off these service Unless you need them. If you have problem in cellular connectivity in your place then do “airplane mode” will be better choice for saving battery backup

#4. Turn Off Push Notifications

Turn off push notifications because it consume your device battery.

#5. Use Wi-Fi instead of Mobile internet connection (If possible)

Ya.. Really, If you have Wi-Fi connectivity then you should use wifi for accessing online things instead of cellular connectivity. In this time 3G and 4G services are very fast working so they are sucking your battery.

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#6. Lock Screen always, If not needed.

You should lock Smartphone screen if you are not using device. You will get and receive calls, messages, text, notifications and other things if you have locked screen.

#7. Turn off vibration

I highly recommended you to Turn off or Swith off vibration feature in smartphone. Vibration such bigger battery then ring. And also not enable the haptic feedback as efficiently use device without haptic feedback

#8. Close Apps after use

Are you using Whatsapp, facebook and other app installed in ur smartphone.? Yes.., Then use only that apps which you really needed at a time. And also uninstall unwanted app installed in your device. You should know some apps run in background and suck up and drain fast battery and consumes memory & CPU usage.

#9. Room temp. must be medium (32 – 95 Fahrenheit)

Smartphone must be in medium room temperatures, Not to hot or cold temp. Both temperatures can drain device battery. Some android maniya says smartphone work well in 35 – 94 degrees Fahrenheit .

#10. Must be Updated latest Software

I highly recommended to keep all Smartphone software updated. Latest versions of apps is likely to consume less power then older versions of app. So keep automatic update ON in Google Play Store.

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#11. Disable Auto Sync

Android device Auto-Sync function also consumes battery life. So disable auto sync to boost battery backup of Smartphone.

#12. Use Battery Saver Apps (As you want)

Android Batter Saver apps are make for optimizing battery backup. Battery saver apps is designed to kill background running app and also is used for Boosting CPU performance. Battery saver apps provide auto control tools for controlling brightness and other functions.

Other tips for saving Battery life

  • Use dark theme for your mobile or use darker background apps.
  • Also turn off automatic update and do manual update them.
  • Buy branded and high mAh battery for android device. Don’t search for cheap mobile because they have low mAh battery
  • Update latest version of android OS. If problem in updating contact Smartphone customer care (toll free) .
  • Buy Best Power Bank for Android Smartphone.


Your Turn

I hope above ten tips help you in boosting battery backup. If you have any other tactics to increase Android battery life then please share with us. And also Like our Facebook page if you got something useful here.


Enjoy 🙂

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