Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Newbie WordPress User

In this post, I am going to share best wordpress plugins for wordpress webisite. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world wide. You should know 1/4 % of website use WordPress. You know why? Because it is user-friendly and support free Plugins to make good looking blog/site. Actually, WordPress provide large number of theme and plugins to make works easy.

If you have successfully installed WordPress, Use below WordPress Plugins that make your works easy.



Best WordPress Plugins

Below are best wordpress plugins for blogs in blogging sector. Actually these are commonly used and recommended plugins for every blogger. Many pro blogger also advice to use these best plugins.

  1. JetPack WordPress Plugin
  2. SEO Ultimate Plugin or Yoast SEO
  3. W3 Total Cache Plugin
  4. Google Analytics Plugin
  5. Autoptimize Plugin
  6. Limit Login Attempts Plugin
  7. Contact Form 7 Plugin
  8. Akismet Plugin
  9. Backup Plugin
  10. Table Press Plugin


#1. JetPack by Plugin

Jetpack by Plugin is one of the Superb WordPress Plugin Which is made by Who made WordPress. Currently JetPack has 1+ million Active Installs in WordPress blogs. Jetpack is a collections of many WP plugin.

Jetpack provides to check website visitor stats, give advance WP security services, Boost image downloading and also Increase traffic to your site/blog.

It tells the number of visitors to your site. Its WP protection system enable you to safe from Brut fores attacks and unauthorised logins. Not only this It also monitor your site for downtime (If it got error like 500 and 503 service error then send alert to your mail. )

Cons: JetPack plugin may slow your site/blog speed if you are using low rated host server. So Disable some functions of JetPack services and leave only required services as brutal force attacks, Jetpack stats etc.


#2. Yoast SEO Plugin or SEO Ultimate Plugin

Every blog should have SEO Plugin to optimize natural and organic search result in Search Engine.

I recommend SEO Ultimate Plugin and Yoast SEO plugin for any WP Blog. You should have installed one of them in your WordPress blog If you want to increase search engine result.

Currently I am using SEO Ultimate Plugin in my Blog.

Yoast SEO Plugin:

Yoast SEO Plugin is one of the best and highly recommended by Webmaster expert for advance SEO. You can use this plugin for Writing better content with SEO. Not only this but also you can use this to Page Analysis, Embed Meta & Link elements, auto Advance XML Sitemaps, RSS Optimization, Breadcrumbs, Direct edit .htaccess and robots.txt file, Social Integration, Multi-Site Compatible etc. It is having 1+ Million Active Installs User.


SEO Ultimate Plugin :

SEO Ultimate Plugin is similar and best alternative of Yoast SEO Plugin. All in one SEO Plugin that gives full control over meta titles @descriptions, auto linking, rich-snippets, 404 monitor, open graph etc. Currently SEO Ultimate Plugin have 200,000+ Active Installs WP user. (User friendly SEO Plugin)


According to Active Installs, You can understand which is more useful than, in above two SEO Plugins.


#3. W3 Total Cache Plugin

If you want to speed up your page downloading speed then you need to install Cache Plugin. There are many Cache Plugin available in plugins section. W3 total Cache Plugin is also one of them which is 1+ million times installed in websites.

This Plugin will boost download speed of your site, Easy Web Performance Optimization(WPO) is best way to caching page, object, browser, database, minify and content delivery network support. This will help to improve YSlow score to Grade A and significant Google Page Speed improvements.

this, that are the best alternative of W3 Total Cache Plugin. You can try one of them.


#4. Google Analytics Plugin

If you want to know you visited your site and pages recently. After installing Google Analytics plugin, you can know full details of visitors and also it counts number of visitors, referrer location, Visitor location, Page views and Visitor session timing etc. 600,000+ user are installed this plugin in their WordPress Website.

Referrer location, number of visitor, visited link and page view also can be view by using JetPack Plugin. Activate Stats Service (By default Activated) in JetPack and get benefits of it.

So you can say Google Analytics Plugin is best alternative and similar to Jetpack Stats service.


#5. Autoptimize Plugin

If you have limited bandwidth and want to boost up website speed then use Autoptimize Plugin to minimizing and aggregating JS, HTML and CSS that means It will compress your website JavaScript, HTML and CSS file. then Resultant is less load on Server because of low Page requests. Low server hosting and limited bandwidth hosting user should install this plugin in their blog.


#6. Limit Login Attempts Plugin

Want to secure WordPress Login area then, you should install Limit Login Attempts Plugin in your WP site. This plugin can be use in the place of JetPack login limit and Brute Force Attack service. Actually this plugin is by default installed and activated in all WordPress website. If you have already activated this plugin then any one can’t force with your login area Because it will block that user for 20m when he enter 3 times wrong password and again if he force to login then he (IP) will be block for 24h.


#7. Contact Form 7 Plugin

Contact Form 7 Plugin is use to add Contact form in a page. You can manage many contact forms by using this plugin. This plugin supports Ajax form submitting which means less load on server. Form 7 provide ShortCode that make works easy.


#8. Akismet Plugin

You are newbie blogger and started blogging? Well, I advice you to install Akismet Plugin. Why? Because after some days, you will get thousands of fake and spam comment on your post. You can add Captcha in comment section instead of Akismet Plugin. But most visitors don’t like to comment on Captcha enabled comment section because of laziness. Akismet Plugin will block all spam comment without using Captcha in Comment.


#9. Backup Plugin

Backup Plugin is one of the best automated backup plugin for WordPress-Powered blog/site. It will full backup of your site including database and files. You can use ZIP and MYSQLDUMB option for faster backups. Use this plugin to backup website daily or weekly or monthly. It also send backup file to email.


#10. Table Press Plugin

Do you want to make table in WP site.? Well, Use Table Press Plugin to make table any where in blog post/article. This will save your time in writing <table><tr><th></th><td></td></tr></table>. So don’t wait for anything Just install this table plugin in your WordPress site and make Awesome table and use ShortCode to locate table area.



These wordpress plugins are highly recommended to install in every new WordPress site. I hope you got best wordpress plugin for your website. Let us know your suggestion, Ideas regarding above plugins and also mention how many wordpress plugins are you using your blog?


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