How to Check Own Number Codes – Airtel, Jio, Idea, Vodafone, Bsnl

Hey, Want to Check your own phone number? Today I will reveal all USSD and SMS method to find out own mobile number for all SIM Network like – Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel, Docomo, Reliance, Bsnl, Videocon, Virgin, Loop, MTNL, Smart, BPL, JIO. When Our SIM balance remain 0 (ZERO) and we don’t know our mobile number then these USSD code is useful for finding own mobile no. Just only you have to dial these USSD codes and the operator will tell you your own mobile number.

Check Your Own Number

How to Check Number [All Telecom Networks]

Note: The codes in green colour are successfully verified by me, in Delhi, UP, Kolkata, Assam. It is also working in other states. Please comment what’s working in your state to help other visitors. These numbers might get changed. Contact to their call center to get latest number.

Network Provider Dial Code
How to Check Idea Number
*131*1# or *789# or *100# or *1# *147# *131#
How to Check Vodafone Number *111*2# or *555# or *555*0# or *777*0# or *131*0#
How to Check Airtel Number *121*9# or *121*1# or *140*175 or*140*1600# or *282#  *141*123#
How to Check Aircel Number *1# or *234*4# or *888# or *122*131# or *131#
How to Check Reliance Number *1# or *111#
How to Check BSNL Number *222# or *1# or *888# or*785# or *99# or *555#
How to Check Tata Docomo Number *1#  or *580# or *124#
How to Check Jio My Number Call 1299 
How to Check Virgin Number SMS:  NUM to 51230 or *1#
How to Check Telenor Number *222*4#
How to Check Videocon Number *1#
How to Check MTNL Number *8888#
How to Check MTS Number *121# or Call on 1288

#1. How to Check My Airtel Number

Airtel Number Check Codes

Call on *121*9# or *121*1# or *140*175 or*140*1600# or *282#  *141*123# to check your mobile number through USSD code if you haven’t balance and want to know airtel mobile number by dialing code.

#2. How to Check My Idea Number

There are many USSD code to check Idea mobile number. You can use these code –*131*1# or *789# or *100# or *1# *147# *131#. some code may not work in your state. So use above verified Idea USSD balance check code at works in all state.

#3. How to Check My Vodafone Number

Dial any number *111*2# or *555# or *555*0# or *777*0# or *131*0# and check Vodafone number without Vodafone balance in your sim. Please also have a check which Vodafone USSD code is working in your state Vodafone.

#4. How to Check My Aircel Number

Aircel mobile number checking USSD code is *1# or *234*4# or *888# or *122*131# or *131#. I have used these Aircel USSD code in many state and working well.

#5. How to Check My Docomo Number

If you want to check Docomo mobile number using USSD code then dial *1#  or *580# or *124#. Use these number to find docomo number if you have zero balance also.

#6. How to Check My Reliance Number

If you are looking for how to check Reliance mobile number then dial *1# or *111#. It’s working USSD code to check own mobile number.

#7. How to Check My BSNL Number

Most of the time people used to ask what is the process to check own BSNL SIM number If I haven’t balance in it. Well, Don’t worry! Dial these USSD Code *222# or *1# or *888# or*785# or *99# or *555# to check BSNL mobile number without having balance.

#8. How to Check My Videocon Number

If you have Videocon Sim and want to know the code to check videocon mobile number then the code is – *1#.

#9. How to Check My Virgin Number

So, you have Virgin mobile number? If yes then note down *1# that helps you in checking Virgin mobile number with USSD code. You can also send message NUM to 51230 to get your mobile number details on your mobile.

#10. How to Check My MTNL Number

MTNL SIM user can dial *8888# to know MTNL SIM number.

#11. How to Check My Jio Number

These is 2 ways you can know your own JIO mobile number. First you can use JIO app to know jio number. and the second way to get JIO number is to dial 1299 and follow the instruction.

Final Point on How to Number Check

These were all Indian SIM mobile number checker codes. If you find these something useful then share these Mobile number Checking USSD codes with friends. You can like our Facebook fan page to get regular update.

Comment below if working and not working these USSD codes in your State..

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