Happy Birthday Google! ~ Now Google is 18 Year old ;)

Do you know Google? I know you will say of course – I know Google. Google is a very popular search engine in the world. But do you know Today (27/09/2016) is  Google Birthday  . Now Google is 18 years old Today. Google is the king of the Internet world. (I can say). Actually Google is most famous in the internet world but Very few people know the founder of Google.

Have look on facebook. almost every facebook user knows the founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. But hardly anyone would know about Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Google Earning

Google earn millions of rupees per second. ..Amazing..

If we talk google earning in rounding feature than it will be 9,30,900 rs per second. Google is having 70 offices in 40 countries. This is a very huge achievement for Google. One more thing that Google has bought almost 827 companies in one year. Now you can think about how Google is a big company !!

Google Worker

Google is having 41,70,000+ workers. You will be shocked to know that Many of Google workers now become billionaires. No one can tell the google exact earning but Google yearly income is Almost 50,00,00,00,000,000,000,000,000$ .

Google Amazing

There are 20,000+ Goats in Google Head office to cut the grass 😉 Actually, Google doesn’t use the machine because it’s noise and smoke irritate the google workers.


Google has developed the Android operating system. Do you know Every 4 out of 5 smartphones is working on Android OS?

Every week  2,20,000+ people apply for Google job. 95% of Google earning is from Google Published ads.

The secret of Google Word

Do you think that How Google Name generated? In fact, the number 1 followed by 100 zeros it becomes “Googol” and says the word comes from “Google”.

Google the name “Googol” Why was not “Google” was this the same? The “Google” the name is a spelling mistake. Meanwhile typing “Googol” instead of “Google” was typed and the result is before you.

Every second, more than 60,000 searches are made on Google. Since 2010, Google bought the company has at least one per week. Google for its Street View Map 80 lakh 46 thousand km of roads are the equivalent of the photograph.

Google’s Android operating system are named according to the alphabet of ABCD = Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lolipop और Marshmallow

Yahoo tried to buy Google, the company had a million dollars, but it could not. Google was the launch of the Google founders did not know HTML code too. Google’s homepage exactly why he was kept simple and is still quite simple.

In 2005, new applications such as Google launched Google Map and Google Earth. These are features that, at the moment to give the measure of the world. Until now it has reached the moon. “Do not be evil” Google’s unofficial slogan (Unofficial Slogan) is.

Last point :

Google’s homepage in 88 languages can be used. Google search engine’s name (Nick Name) “BackRub” is.





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