Have You Seen Laptop Selfie Stick (See Photos)

Have you used Selfie sticks ? I know you have already used smartphone selfie sticks But I am talking about Laptop selfie Stick ?? I know you never have seen or used Laptop selfie stick. Laptop selfie stick might be new photography selfie sticks. This is first one selfie stick that’s designed for laptops (Specially MacBook). The first Laptop Selfie Sticks is created by artists Moises, Tom Galle and John Yuyi.

This stick will be larger in size then other smartphone selfie stick. you can calculate as Laptop weight may be 900-1000g (let. 1kg) and selfie stick weight 300g . That means you need both hand in use to take a selfie with Laptop stick selfie.


Laptop Selfie Stick :



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(Photo Credit goes to MacBookSelfieStick.com)

Final Point

I know you really impressed with laptop selfies. Let us know what are you thinking about in below comment box.

Enjoy  🙂

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