How to change IMEI number of Bluestack App player (Easily)

Are you searching for how to change imei number of Bluestacks ? Well, today I am here to tell you the full process to change imei number without downloading anything.

Bluestacks is one of the best and famous Android emulator and use to make PC as a Android OS. In this time there are many offer on the net by mCent, Ladooo, Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik Apps. They provide app offer and offer is valid for once per device. They track your device ID and IMEI number. So here is need to change IMEI number for taking loot offer.

You should know that I am not telling you how to change imei number of smartphone but i am telling you to change bluestacks imei number of Bluestacks and also this trick work with Rooted bluestack.


Bluestacks summary: Bluestack is an Android player for PC. You can play android app in pc using Bluestack. But there is some basic requirement of Bluestacks Player. You should have 2GB or greater RAM and Graphics Card for installing Bluestack App player. So if your system qualifies these requirements then install Bluestacks. If You got Bluestack error, Comment below.


How to Change IMEI number of Bluestacks

Follow below process to change IMEI Number –

  1. Firstly Go to Start menu and Open Run. or Press Windows + R
  2. Type regedit in search box and hit enter
  3. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SOFTWARE >> Bluestacks >> Guests >> Android path and Select BootParameters
  4. Double click on BootParameters
  5. Check text between “GUIDE=
  6. Change GUIDE number with random text & num and then restart Bluestacks.
  7. Now your Bluestacks IMEI number changed successfully.

If above process not work for changing IMEI number of Bluestacks then Follow below process before above process. :

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  1. Close Bluestack app If you already opened.
  2. Open Task Manger (Right click on taskbar then hit Start Task Manager)
  3. Then go to Process Tab >> Click on Show process from all users >> Locate Image named HD-xxxxx.exe, Click on and press End Process (Do one by one to end process) (Image name Ex: HD-Agent.exe, HD-BlockDevice.exe, HD-Network.exe, HD-Service.exe, HD-SharedFolder.exe, HD-UpdaterService.exe)
  4. Confirm you have Ended all process whose name start at HD-xxxxxxx.exe
  5. That’s done..!! Now follow above process (1 to 7) again to change Bluestack IMEI No. ( Don’t open Bluestacks while you completed above process from 1 to 7 )


That’s it.


IMEI generator

Download imei generator from below link. It will help you to generate random IMEI number using GUID codes. (Note : Remember password of this zip file.)

Download IMEI generator from here : IMEI Generator

There is not need for IMEI generator if you follow above process.


Your Turn

I hope yo learned how to change IMEI number. Let’s do the whole process. If you have any doubt, feel free to comment below.

Enjoy 🙂


  • how to know my bluestack imai is changed?

    • Hi Adi,

      Download IMEI checker app from play store. It will show you, Your changed password of Bluestack.


  • didnt work for me. tried both method one and two.
    used the generator provided.

    moving onto trying bluestacks tweaker instead.
    everyone trying this in Dec 2018, save your time, doesn’t work.

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