How To Uninstall Apps On Android Phone

Are you new user of Android phone? Then are you searching for how to uninstall apps in Android device. Well in this tutorial i will tell you how to uninstall apps in any android enabled phone. I have made this process very easy. This is very common question asked by new android user. So i though why not tell you though the basic tutorial. So here you will learn Uninstall Apps on Android Smartphone easily.This tutorial is all about Android App uninstalling Process for New Android person.

Step by Step to Uninstall Apps :

Follow below step by step process to uninstall any apps from your mobile except pre installed apps. (I will make another tutorial on how to uninstall pre-installed apps as soon as possible.)

Step 1.

Go to Setting in App menu.


Step 2.

Click on Apps as shown below.


Step 3.

After entering in Apps, Choose which app do you want to uninstall as i choose “IMO”


Step 4.

After entering this section you will shown as like below shown. Hit on Uninstall app to uninstall this app.


Step 5.

Conform the uninstall the app by clicking on OK.


Step 6.

After conforming uninstall. You will see like below.


Final Word

I hope you learned how to uninstall any installed app in Android device. If you have any question then comment below.


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