How to Use WhatsApp as Google Search, Wikipedia, Dictionary etc (DUTA)

Do you know WhatsApp bot? No, Then listen Duta is one of the best bots in Whatsapp. Well, Today we will learn how to activate data and how to use data to get Google search result, Dictionary word meaning, Wikipedia search, Live train status, Hindi and English GK quiz, Live Cricket Score, Football score, Train PNR status, Live train status, Motivational quotes, Bollywood & Hollywood news, India etc. Not only this but also Duta will provide you full info of Gita, Quran, Bible, Ramayana, gurugranth, Jain, Balaji etc like devotional content.

But before using duta You should know that the team who developed this WhatsApp bot is not associated with WhatsApp Official. WhatsApp bot is created by it allows WhatsApp User to access Google, news, Live Cricket Update and many more features right in your Whatsapp app.


How to Activate Duta in Whatsapp :

Firstly you should know that WhatsApp Bot is provided by Duta. (Not Whatsapp Officially). Follow the step-by-step process to activate WhatsApp Bot (Duta)  :


  1. Create a Contact with “Duta or any name” and Add this number ( +919042002970 new latest duta number) (old duta number = 7601034293 or 9043005150 or 9043004788 )
  2. Open WhatsApp mobile app and Create a group (You can use Old group also).
  3. Add “Duta number” in this Whatsapp group.
  4. After adding in Group you will get the message in group: (Means you have successfully activated duta)


Welcome to the wonderful world of Duta. You can:


-subscribe to news updates:

india news: type +news

football: type +football

cricket: +cricket

hollywood: -hollywood

bollywood: -bollywood


-subscribe to devotional content:

+gita, +quran, +bible, +ramayan, +gurugranth, +jain, +balaji



search the web : type search translate : type translate



For faster services from Duta, Please add +917397659976 to this group.

Or something like this –

Welcome to 📯 DUTA 📯.

Use 📯 DUTA 📯 to get latest scores, sport and other news, entertainment, games and a lot more!

That’s it. Now duta is working in your WhatsApp Group. Add your friends & family Whatsapp member to this group and enjoy duta service.


WhatsApp-bot (Duta)


Duta Service codes:


  • For Wikipedia information, type Wiki SEARCHTERM and send to this Group.
  • To get English news, send +NEWS to the group.
  • Know the meaning of a word by sending +DICT WORD to the group.
  • Get Football or Cricket Updates by sending +CRICKET or +FOOTBALL to the group.
  • To play a GK quiz, simply send +GK to the group.
  • To play a Gk quiz in Hindi, simply send GK Hindi to the group
  • To get live train status, Send Train to the group (as. Train 12321)
  • To get Train PNR status on Whatsapp, Send PNR no. (as. pnr 25145266xx)
  • To unsubscribe anything anytime WhatsApp bot by sending -service in the group (as. -news, -cricket)

Below duta numbers and codes are taken from Use these code to take real benefit of WhatsApp for Sports, News, Entertainment, Celebrities, Quiz/Games, Devotional, Services like Wiki information on WhatsApp.

How to Use WhatsApp as Google Search, Wikipedia, Dictionary etc (DUTA) 1

For more codes and information about duta, visit

Your Turn

I hope you are enjoying duta in your Whatsapp Group. If this guide helped you in activating duta then Please share it with your friends. Now let us know How duta helped you..??
Enjoy 🙂



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