How to make bootable pendrive by LiLi Software *FREE*

Have you tried to make bootable pendrive ? Well, You are at the right place. Here i will tell you the whole process of making bootable. But Firstly you should know what is use of making bootable pendrive? Actually bootable pendrive enable you to format your PC with Lynx, Windows all version without any Operating System DVD. Only you should have Flash Pendrive and Operating System DVD (only for first time while making bootable pendrive).

If your DVD drive is not working well then this method is very useful for you to format your system by using pendrive. Actually There are many way you can use to make bootable pendrive.But in this tutorial i use LILI Software to make bootable drive. (I HAVE GIVEN THE DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK)


About LiLi software

LiLi software is freeware software to make live bootable device.

This is very simple and effective software to make any flash card into bootable.


Download LiLi software

Here i have given direct link to download this software. So now lets download lili and continue the process to make bootable.


Download Now  (Official)

Download Now  (Google Drive)

Note : Write down zip passwod is :


Process to Make Bootable Pendrive :

Follow below process to use lili software to make boot able pendrive.


Process 1.

I hope you have downloaded this software. Now install it in your PC.


lili 1st step


Process 2.

Now open installed file. It will looks like as shown in below image.

lili 2nd step


Process 3.

Choose pendrive location in the CHOOSE YOUR KEY section.


Process 4.

Choose DVD location or ISO location of Windows (XP, 7, 8) in CHOOSE A SOURCE.


Process 5.

Your pendrive should be cleaned, so clean pendrive or check Format the key… option.


Process 6.

Now click on power icon in STEP 5 : CREATE section


Final Point

I hope it works fine. If you got any problem in making bootable pendrive then comment below.



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