Play Basketball Game on Facebook Messenger App

Have you played game in Facebook Messenger App ? I know you are thinking that Facebook Messenger App is only for chatting with Facebook friend then How is it possible to play game in Facebook Messenger app ? Well, It is possible to Play basketball game in FB Messenger App using below trick.Play-basketball-game-on-messenger

Recently Facebook has started its new features in Facebook messenger that you can Play Basketball game without installing any App. Facebook always use to update its free service to engage people in their site. Without taking your time, Lets start to learn play game on messenger App.

Play Basketball Game On Messenger App :

This game is supported on Messenger App whatever use Android, iOS or any other platform that support Messenger App. Follow below process to Play basket Ball game on Messenger App.

Step #1.

Firstly Update your Messenger App if not updated. [REQUIRED]. If you have any problem in Updating Messenger App from Google Play Store then Direct Download Play Store Apps from PC or Browser and then install manually.

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Step #2

Now Open Facebook Messenger App from App menu. After Open it looks like –


Step #3.

Go to any friend chatting section in messenger App . As shown below –


Step #4.

Now send Basketball symbol from mobile keyboard Or you can try messenger sticker to send basketball symbol. (Be sure you are connected with internet – Only first time required)



Step #5.

Now its time to play basketball game. Click on sent basketball icon.


When you click on this, It will automatically open the basketball game for you. Yahoo, You got it. Now start playing basketball game in your messenger app for free.


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I hope you learned how to play this game on Facebook messenger app. I have scored 18 in basketball messenger game and You ??

I am waiting for your reply…



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Enjoy 🙂



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