Top 5 Best Sites For Motivational Stories in Hindi

In 2017, I want to give you the hub of Motivational Stories from where you will be charged up your bore life into motivated life. Inspirational things are the best source of being motivated in whole life. Someone said, “Change your mood, Change your life.” Here the mood is the mean of positive thinking and positive thinking comes from Inspirational stories and also reading motivational quotes. So let’s see something about Motivation.

According to Wikipedia, Motivation is a theoretical construct used to explain behavior. It gives the reasons for people’s actions, desires and needs. Motivation can also be defined as one’s direction to behavior, or what causes a person to want to repeat behavior and vice versa. In one word, Motivation is a very important part of our lives for doing work for a targeted goal. It pushes a man to take action toward a goal.

Recently I shared How to make Quotes images where I have written “Quote is the repetition of someone statement/thoughts. Quotes are accentuation marks utilized as a part of the content to show a citation” and given the best quotes generator site. You should read our 101 law of attraction motivational quotes section for getting motivated.

Best Site for Motivational Stories

Below motivational sites are listed according to my recommendation. I am following these sites from some years ago but some sites are new that I know while I was searching for a best motivational site.

#1. Achhikhabar.Com

I hope you know if you are interested in motivational things. is one of the best sites for motivational dose So you should take benefit of this site. Actually, I am following this site from 4 years and I always suggest my friends follow this motivation site. In this site, you will get Hindi quotes collection, Hindi Stories, Self Improvement tips, Health-related tips, Easy, and Successful people  Biography also. is founded by Gopal Mishra in 2010. He was doing a Business Analyst job in American IT company but from 1 year he quit his job and doing blogging as a professional.

At last, I would like to say you should visit this site and also subscribe his Motivation YouTube Channel to get motivational stories from videos.

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I can’t forget “Aasaan Hai” word. I listened to this word first time by Sandeep Maheshwari. website is founded by Virat Chaudhary who is 25-year-old guy. is well designed motivational blog. I really impressed with there design and also with content. You must visit at once.


#3. is another great hub of inspirational stories by Amul Sharma. You can understand this by the name of “Aapki Safalta”. This website is fully managed for them to who want to be successful.

They provide Motivation things, success tips, Success formula, How to become You can understand this by the name of “Aapki Safalta”. This website is fully managed for them to who want to be successful. They provide Motivation things, success tips, Success formula, How to become crorepati 😉 and inspiring hindi stories etc.


#4. is another motivational quotes and stories site in hindi. This site is founded by Pawan Kumar. Website name tells all things about it. Stay Motivated is slogan of this website. Here you will get Success stories, Motivational quotes, Facts, Jokes and health tips.


#5. Hamarisafalta.Com is another best motivational stories website for you. Kiran Sahu is the founder of Hamarisafalta site. This is as similar to

HamariSafalta is the same like above websites.


Final Word

I hope you are taking benefits from there Motivational stories. As we know “Change the mood Change the life”. So start converting your negative though to positive though. Now i am ending my writing by saying, Comment below if you are using any other motivational sites.


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