4 thoughts on “Facebook Likes Exchange Sites for Social Media (Unlimited Likes by Like4Like)”

  1. like4like is the most stupid worst time wasting site & linkcollider is the best ever social exchange.Don’t waste ur valueable time n money registering with like4like.org. They don’t understand ur hard work.They will provide so many you-tube subscriber after u register n surf but next day they will bring back all their subscriber saying a msg that like ”After our regular system checkup, and automatic account diagnostics at Like4Like.org community website, we found some of your social media interactions that have not been registered properly, and some members that have revoked their social media interactions while trying to earn credits by manipulating the system…We at Like4Like.org are determinate to provide the best service that we can, and because of that, we will refund your account with lost credits, and warn members involved in this issue… 🙂
    the total amount of credits that will be refunded is: 560 credits.
    Just log in to Like4Like.org community website, and collect the credits… :)Like4Like.org”. This ready-made message will increase ur bp after wasting ur 12/13 hours time n money. So I request youtubers to not to go that bogus site. Linkcolider is decent & very user friendly.

    bhusan b bhaskar

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