Top 8 Web Browser Download for Android *July, 2019*

Are you still searching for Best Browser download for an android device? Well, Many times we have used Computer browser download like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera Browser. They work smooth and fast on our PC. but for Android? In this time, There is a lot of android browser app available in Play Store and we have to choose the best one of them for our Android Smartphone. Android device has not much more processor then Computer. So we can’t download many browsers in one mobile as we do in computers.

You should know, Every android phone have one default browser as like Internet Explorer. 95% of People like to go with other browsers than Explorer. In this post, I will share the top ten best Android Web browser with a direct download link. I am ranking this browser according to my experience. Now let’s start to see best android browser for Android 2017.


Best Android Browser Download

Below are Best Web Browser to download in Android device. Download and enjoy with there unique features. lets see –

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. UC Browser
  4. Opera Mini
  5. Dolphin
  6. CM Browser
  7. Maxthon
  8. Next Browser

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#1. Google Chrome – Fastest Android Browser

Almost every new Android mobile/tablet have already installed Google Chrome App. It works very smooth and fast as like works in Computer. So I listed this app in the top of all other Web browsers. Chrome also allow you to open incognito mode for browsing. If you want to save 50% data while browsing then enable Save Data mode in Chrome. Chrome is the best choice for faster browsing, Voice Search , Translate any web page in your language while surfing the internet. Already build in with the flash player to watch online videos and play an online game. Save history and bookmark in your google account using chrome (Automatically Save). You can try Chrome Beta and Dev version.

Features of Chrome :

  • Fast and Smooth browsing
  • Save Data
  • Sync Data Across Devices.
  • Translate web page in the local language
  • Search with Voice
  • Activate and Deactivate Incognito Mode



#2. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a famous web browser for Mobiles and Pc. I am already a user of this browser. Really Firefox is a very fast, smooth and fast browser. Mozilla Firefox mobile browser supports Add-ons features as like its computer version.

Features of Mozilla Firefox :

  • Latest Performance (Fast and Smooth)
  • Customization of its home page
  • Sync browser data for feature use.
  • Install Add one in a mobile browser.




#3. UC Browser – Simple and Effective Browser

UC Browser is one of the best and alternatives of the Chrome Browser. Every Java mobile user knows about UC Browser because this is a very smooth and popular web browser for Mobiles. This Browser can be run on a various mobile platform like Java, Symbian, iOS and Android etc. UC browser provides categories list of a top website in Audio, Video, Apps, Game, Movies etc. It is having a powerful server for fast and stable downloading. In this time 400 million users use UC Browser and UC mini for fast web browsing.

Features of UC Browser :

  • Support ADblock
  • Download file smartly
  • Night mode option
  • Works Fast and Stable Navigation



#4. Opera Browser – Smooth Web Browser

Opera Browser is another Android browser for Web surfing and fast downloading. Opera Browser is available in almost all platform like Java, Symbian, Android, iOS etc. Opera Mini is the fast browser for android phone So i categories this in Top 3 browser. Opera is more similar to Chrome and UC browser. Here you can save any web page for feature use without internet connection.

Features of Opera :

  • Auto Block all ads
  • Compress Video While watching online
  • Add any Website link to its home page
  • Save data option
  • Good GUI
  • Support incognito mode to Browse privately




#5. Dolphin Browser – Best Browser for Android

Dolphin Browser is similar to Firefox and Chrome because they support flash. Dolphin Browser provides browser themes, fast loading speed, HTML5 video player, better UI, auto adBlocker, incognito browsing and fast downloading experience.

Features of Dolphin Browser :

  • Pop up blocker support
  • Sonar and Gestures supports
  • Gives Bookmarks and Add-ons Sidebar
  • Support Flash Player
  • Sync Data (History, password, bookmarks etc.)



#6. CM Browser

CM Browser is another new browser for Android device. I have already listed CM Antivirus App in Best Antivirus App list and Today i am listing its Browser. CM Browser is blazing fast and Antivirus protection browser. This browser is downloaded 10 millions till now and got 4.6 out of 5 star. So you can understand how useful and best UI having CM browser.

Feature of CM Browser :

  • Fast web browsing in slow network
  • Already protected with antivirus and Malware
  • Very small in size (2.72 MB)
  • Page translator in local language
  • Gesture control while video playing.



#7. Maxthon Web Browser – Fastest Browser App

Maxthon browser is another similar app to Internet browsers. Maxthon is a fast, secure, easy to use and free of cost browser available in Play store. This is a very fast browser for android phone.

Features of Maxthon Browser :

  • Turn on/off privet browsing
  • Gives touch screen commands for browsing
  • Sync your data from one device to another.
  • Download and Install Add-ons



#8. Next Browser – Fast and Private Browser

Next Browser is the best browser app for android which is developed by GO Launcher team. Next browser team claims its browser to browse the web faster, private and secure. This app is downloaded 5 million times and rated 4.3 starts.

Feature of Next Browser :

  • Support incognito browsing
  • activate/deactivate night mode
  • Customize home screen
  • Sync data




Final Word

These are the browser i use in my phone. I hope you have downloaded these browser and collected good experience with them. Let me know your good experience with your best browser. So comment below or suggest any other best android browser.

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