Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Full List

In this post, I will share Widows 10 keyboard shortcut keys to save your energy and time. Recently i have posted VLC shortcut key to save time while watching important video. Here is full Windows shortcut key 2016 list that included with latest key updates including Cortana. There are many basic keyboard shortcut key for Windows you can see by clicking there. Here You will get advance Shortcuts key for Windows 10. These Windows 10 key will be helpful in direct opening setting, file explorer, direct move desktop to desktop and many more. Lets see the full shortcut key for Windows 10 .

Windows 10 Shortcut Key

Check below all windows 10 keyboard shortcut key with Categories wise.

#1. Windows 10 Key – New

Windows Key + AOpens Windows 10 notifications
Windows Key + Ctrl + DCreates new virtual desktop
Windows Key + IOpens Windows 10 settings
Windows Key + Print Screen KeyTakes screenshot of the whole screen in the Photos app.
Windows Key + Ctrl + F4Closes current virtual desktop
Windows Key + Ctrl + Left or RightSwitches between virtual desktops
Windows Key + F1Opens Edge and Searches Option (Help me)

#2. Windows 10 Key – Desktop Commands

Windows Key + Left, Right, Up or DownThis moves the active window around on your screen
Windows Key + XOpens Start button context menu
Windows Key + DShow Windows desktop (also available with Windows Key + M)
Windows Key + ,Temporarily show desktop

#3. Windows 10 Key – Cortana Shortcuts

Windows + COpens Cortana’s speech prompt
Windows + QOpens Cortana’s Home View, enables search by speech or keyboard input.

#4. Windows 10 Key – Traditional Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Key + 1, 2, 3 and so onOpen programs that are pinned to task bar
Windows Key + SpaceSwitch keyboard input language (if you have added at least a second one)
Windows Key + Shift + Left or RightMove current Window from one monitor to another (when using a multiple monitor setup)
Windows Key + RRun a command
Windows Key + PProject a screen
Alt + TabSwitch to previous window
Windows Key + TCycle through screenshots of open apps
Alt + F4Close current window

#5. Windows 10 Key – Standards

Windows KeyShows the Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows Key + TabLaunches Windows 10 Task View
Windows Key + LLocks your Windows 10 device
Windows Key + EnterOpens Narrator, a program that reads text for you and shows you tips.

#6. Windows 10 Key – Sharing & Connecting

Windows Key + EOpen Windows Explorer
Windows Key + HShare content (if supported by the current app)
Windows Key + KConnect to wireless displays and audio devices

These are Windows 10 Shortcut key. If you have any other shortcut key which is not listed here then Please comment below.


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