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All of the Information You Need to Know About License Plates

“A number plate” is the term used to refer to a car license plate. It is a metal plate with the car’s official registration number imprinted on it that is fastened to the vehicle. The official license plate number in India is made up of four distinct components, each of which has a distinct function, despite the fact that the numbers may appear arbitrary. Anybody may identify a car by looking at its number plates, which are located on the front and rear of the vehicle.

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Dissection of a Numeric Plate

The automobile registration plate has the following format:

Section 1:

The state or Union territory is indicated in the first section with two letters. For instance, a car number plate begins with the code “MH” in Maharashtra, “GJ” in Gujarat, and “DL” in Delhi. The state’s name is written using its two most important alphabets. The 1980s saw the start of this approach.

Section 02:

The sequential number of a district is indicated by the next two numbers. Since each state has a minimum of one district, new car registration is handled by the district directly. Each district has a Regional Transport Office (RTO) for this purpose; these offices handle driver and vehicle registrations.

Section 3:

A distinctive number that aids in vehicle identification is found in the third section of the license plate. In the event that a number is not available, the last digit is represented by a letter. This guarantees that there are more codes than needed for every car. Purchasing bespoke numbers at a premium cost is a widespread practice.

Section 4:

The last and fourth component is an oval emblem that says “IND,” which is an abbreviation for India. Over this oval is a chromium hologram that has a “Chakra”-like appearance. High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) utilize this. These are tamper-proof license plates that were introduced in 2005 with the goal of lowering car theft. Even though they are required on all motor vehicles, certain states have not yet implemented this policy.

Together, these distinct numbers provide a unique identifier for your car.


The dealer applies a TR label to each new car that a customer buys. TR stands for “To Register.” This is a temporary number that is only good for a month. The owner has to go to the district’s RTO during this time frame in order to formally register the car and obtain a regular license plate. The verification is the responsibility of the motor vehicle inspector at the RTO office.

You are not permitted to use your motor vehicle on the road during this time while it is not yet registered. There might be severe penalties for it.

The registration procedure involves confirming your residence and the car you purchased, among other things. The RTO inspector also verifies the information, such engine and chassis numbers, before the registration is finalized. When registering a vehicle, you must have all necessary paperwork, including the PUC, driver’s license, sales invoice, etc. Documents like a transportation permit and roadworthiness certificate are also necessary for commercial vehicles. The license number has a 20-year validity period.

Custom Car Number Plates For Sale

You may choose to get a personalized number on your car to really make it stand out. As an illustration, consider codes like 3333 or 6666. Buying a single number, like 7, is challenging because government cars are frequently registered with numbers lower than 100. These unique “lucky numbers” are frequently up for grabs. It is customary for RTOs to conduct an auction for these unique numbers in several states, as the cost can go up to Rs. 3 lakh. On the website of the RTO in your state, you may view the specifics of an auction using these numbers.

Choosing a Custom Font

Make sure the typeface you choose for the license plate of the car is readable from a distance. You might face consequences from the traffic police if there is any disparity. It is against the law to use ornate typefaces that are unintelligible or make it difficult to read numerals and alphabets. Bold, readable font should be used.