Boyfriend jeans fail Maya Jama 2023
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Boyfriend jeans fail Maya Jama 2023

Nothing is more classic than denim and a beautiful top. The term has become synonymous with gatherings, engagement nights, and evenings out. Uncertain of what to wear? We are already aware of what your peers will recommend.

Maya Jama is also a supporter of the legendary duo. The Love Island host frequently relies on the duo for her off-duty excursions, and her most recent expedition was no exception. Combining a classic pair of blue, mid-wash boyfriend denim with a cropped white racerback top, the celebrity created an almost failsafe ensemble.

The host of Love Island casually shrugged off her fashion faux pas.

Unfortunately for the 28-year-old woman, she committed a fashion faux pas that we have all committed. The celebrity proudly displayed a fresh coffee stain on her white blouse while holding the offending chilled beverage in her right hand.

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Maya completed her It-girl look by tying back her raven hair in an untidy bun and using a natural makeup pallet to accentuate her stunning features. In addition to a beige Isabel Marant cap, a pair of cat-eye spectacles provided the ideal amount of solar protection.

Still donning the same ensemble minus the coffee stain, Maya updated her Instagram Stories with a new outfit photo. Maya posed for a picturesque photograph beside a gorgeously illuminated bridge with her hair down and a margarita rather than a caffeinated beverage in her hand.

The presenter of Love Island graciously accepted her fashion misstep in a cool and collected manner.

Maya has effortlessly worn everything from low-rise jeans to Y2K Gucci bikinis, crochet sets to Versace LBDs, and so much more. As evidenced by her most recent ensemble, the ITV tycoon has an abundance of exquisite garments from a variety of designer and avant-garde labels.

Fortunately for us, the celebrity’s wardrobe was once again on full display during her recent vacation, which she spent with friends in a Hong Kong casino.

Maya Jama is a divinity in a daring bikini with a geometric print, as of late.

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Maya lit up the night in a knitted variegated pink and cream ensemble comprising a wrap-effect crop top with a sleeveless silhouette and a matching maxi skirt with a mermaid silhouette and a modern cut-out panel. According to Farfetch, the two-piece from Australian brand Christopher Esber is priced at over £1,000.

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