Cannes Preview Buddy Hitman comedy “Old Guy” featuring Cooper Hoffman and Christoph Waltz 2023
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Cannes Preview Buddy Hitman comedy “Old Guy” featuring Cooper Hoffman and Christoph Waltz 2023

Cooper Hoffman and Christoph Waltz play improbable hitmen in Simon West’s Old Guy action comedy. Lucy Liu stars. West directs and produces the Greg Johnson-written film, which wrapped in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Highland Film Group handles international rights and co-finances the action comedy.

Old Guy follows geriatric contract murderer Danny Dolinski (Waltz), who thinks he’s the best. Danny is happy when The Company brings him out into the field to train Gen Z rookie Wihlborg (Hoffman), a cocky assassin.

The mismatched team must eliminate prominent members of a competing crime gang to reveal their employer’s actual motive: a full takeover. The Company didn’t expect Danny’s experience and the kid’s genius to form such an unexpected relationship, allowing them, with Anata’s support, to turn it all back on The Company.

Cannes Preview Buddy Hitman comedy "Old Guy" featuring Cooper Hoffman and Christoph Waltz 2023 3

Jib Polhemus, Martin Brennan, West, and R.U. Robot Studio’s Petr Jákl produce Old Guy. Dark Castle Entertainment producers Hal Sadoff and Norman Golightly. Martin J. Barab and Walter Josten executive produce the picture. Hannah Leader and Frank DeMartini represent the production.

The action-comedy has a novel premise. Hoffman and Waltz as hitmen is surprising yet interesting. The picture will shine with their interaction. Lucy Liu plays Danny’s love interest and Anata, who helps the hitmen defeat The Company.

Con Air and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider are Simon West’s action movie. His genre experience will benefit Old Guy. The Son, a critically acclaimed TV series, was written by Greg Johnson.

Highland Film Group’s participation bodes well. The business produced and distributed John Wick and Hell or High Water, among other hits. Their industrial expertise makes them a useful partner for Old Guy.

The film’s idea of an old hitman mentoring a young genius isn’t novel, but the love relationship and corporate takeover storyline add new elements. The film’s title, Old Guy, references the hitmen’s age disparity and unusual combination.

Old Guy is a promising action comedy. The film will be a smash because to its superb cast and crew, creative idea, and respectable production firm. Old Guy is a lively, action-packed comedy for Simon West fans.

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