Cher. Hair is blonde. Down to Her Waist. All done 2023
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Cher. Hair is blonde. Down to Her Waist. All done 2023

Is that Cher or an apparition standing in front of me? With its cascading platinum blonde locks and golden shimmering makeup, this ethereal appearance is straight out of Hollywood.

The musician and actor celebrated her close friend Carol Burnett’s 90th birthday in typical Cher fashion: with extra-long tresses and a shimmering Bob Mackie gown. After posing on the red carpet with white-blonde tresses, Cher took the stage during a variety show special to wish her friend a happy birthday.

Her waist-length blonde hair, which cascaded loosely from the dazzling headpiece, was the focal point of her ensemble. Cher and her glam squad matched her eyeshadow to her gown by applying a light wash of golden shimmer to her eyelashes, along with a bronzed cheek and pink lip gloss. It features an Oscar-winning actor, a glamour icon, and a legendary musician.

Cher’s red carpet wigs are crucial.

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While Cher is best known for her elegant, straight black hair, she frequently wears platinum wigs. Her performance in Mamma Mia! is proof that she looks terrific as a blonde. Cher’s wigs are essential to her red carpet appearances; she even had a climate-controlled wig room in her Malibu residence to maintain their pristine condition.

I still can’t believe I’m elderly,”

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While her beautiful appearance is undoubtedly iconic, Cher does not consider herself an icon. “An icon, in my opinion, must always be elderly to be iconic. I still can’t believe I’m elderly,” she told Allure in 2022. “It’s entertaining, but I don’t take it seriously because… does that mean you’ve simply outlasted everyone else?”

Regarding her ever-expanding collection of wigs, she explained that they are essential to her stage performances, which involve numerous costume changes. “When I’m performing, I change costumes in roughly two minutes, and everything is ripped off. What would I wear if I couldn’t wear a wig?”

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