Chicago P.D. Recap: Burgess Finally Decided About Ruzek,What Here’s Happened With #Burzek 2023
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Chicago P.D. Recap: Burgess Finally Decided About Ruzek,What Here’s Happened With #Burzek 2023

In treatment on Chicago P.D., Kim Burgess has learned that recovery is a slow and arduous process.

She revealed in the episode aired on Wednesday that she had been doing the work, including sleep methods, exposure therapy, meditation, and even exercise, but was not feeling better. Her therapist told her that she will eventually.

Burgess also rejected Ruzek’s invitation to join them for a session. While she admitted that her PTSD had harmed her performance at work, she denied that it had also damaged her personal life.

In the meantime, the Intelligence officer attended to an armed robbery at a convenience store.

Marina Squerciati and Patrick John Flueger of Chicago P.D. She and the rest of the team immediately learned that there were two suspects, one of them was a lady named Ruby whose rape kit was used to identify her. Burgess and Upton believed that using this DNA sample was immoral, whereas Voight contended that it was entirely lawful. The case mirrored the true story of a San Francisco woman who sued the police for utilizing her rape kit in a criminal investigation.

Chicago P.D. Recap: Burgess Finally Decided About Ruzek,What Here's Happened With #Burzek 2023 3

Ruby had accused a coworker of rape, recanted, and then retreated into solitude, so Burgess had sympathy for Ruby. She recognized the trauma symptoms Ruby had and attempted to assist her.

Burgess brought Ruby to the place of her attack and ultimately convinced her to cooperate with the investigation. Burgess apprehended Ruby’s attacker and co-conspirator, who drew a weapon on the Chicago police officer. She subdued him without hesitation.

At the conclusion of the lawsuit, Burgess finally consented to bring Ruzek to therapy with her. Ruzek said that Burgess’ PTSD had not impacted their connection. Yet, he also disclosed that they were sometimes out of sync, as he thought he wanted more but did not believe she felt the same. This touched a cord with Burgess, who admitted that she had always shared his sentiments. She then ceased speaking before completing her statement.

Ruzek asked Burgess what she intended to say earlier at home, and Burgess eventually spoke the truth. Because she was too terrified, she retreated from him. And just when it appeared like they were ready to separate, Burgess drew Ruzek in for a kiss. The couple instantly began ripping each other’s clothing off and headed for the bedroom.

It is safe to assume that #Burzek has returned.

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