David Archuleta and Alexa Bliss reveal themselves as Macaw and Axolotl. 2023
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David Archuleta and Alexa Bliss reveal themselves as Macaw and Axolotl. 2023

The most recent episode of Season 9 of The Masked Singer aired on Fox on March 22 at 8 p.m. ET and featured the last fight between the second set of singers. Viewers were in for a treat as defending champion Fairy battled newcomers Macaw and Axolotl for a berth in the quarterfinals.

David Archuleta and Alexa Bliss, the Masked Singers, Revealed to Be a Macaw and an Axolotl

As he played a slow rendition of Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying,” Macaw enthralled the audience with his multicolored wings and soothing voice. In the Battle Royale round, he outperformed Fairy with his rendition of “That Doesn’t Impress Me” by Shania Twain. Fans were lead to assume that Macaw was none other than American musician David Archuleta based on hints offered during the broadcast.


The silver medal in the hints linked to Archuleta’s runner-up finish in Season 7 of American Idol. “Crush,” the debut album of the 32-year-old vocalist from Miami, Florida, has sold over 750,000 copies in the United States.

While the judges had differing opinions over Macaw’s identity, The Masked Singer viewers on social media were certain that Archuleta was hiding behind the mask. On Twitter, several followers voiced their enthusiasm and support for Archuleta. To validate their suspicions, viewers must watch The Masked Singer every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

Alexa Bliss, a WWE superstar, was revealed to be the Axolotl on the event, a startling discovery in and of itself. The audience and the judges were astonished by the discovery. Bliss expressed her enthusiasm on social media and thanked WWE and The Masked Singer for the great opportunity. Bliss imitates AEW and former WWE superstar Chris Jericho, who appeared as The Bride in the previous season.

Bliss also disclosed her successful treatment for skin cancer earlier. On her face, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cells were removed using a quick and painless treatment. Bliss advised her admirers to have their skin examined, particularly if they spend time in the sun or use tanning beds.

Fans of The Masked Singer continue to be surprised and entertained by these amazing and surprising discoveries. Don’t miss the future episodes of The Masked Singer on Fox to find out who will be exposed next.

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