Disney+ Steals Netflix’s Top Producer for Original Content 2023
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Disney+ Steals Netflix’s Top Producer for Original Content 2023

According to Bloomberg, Dahmer producer Ryan Murphy will be leaving Netflix in favor of a significant agreement with Disney+. Murphy will bring his show “Dahmer.” Before the advent of Netflix, Murphy was a dominant figure in the television industry, having achieved success with shows such as Glee, American Horror Story, and American Crime Story.

Sources close to Murphy have supposedly claimed that the producer spent the previous year talking with The Walt Disney Company. According to the sources, the most of the deal was apparently ironed out prior to the WGA strikes beginning in May.

Although the source did not reveal their identity, they cautioned that Murphy might still back out of the contract at any point. The Walt Disney Company, Netflix, and representatives for Murphy all denied Bloomberg’s request to talk with the news organization.

Disney+ Steals Netflix's Top Producer for Original Content 2023 3

Dana Walden, who is now serving as Disney’s co-chair of entertainment, worked alongside Murphy for many years at FOX. A little over a year after signing a contract with Netflix worth $300 million in 2018, Ryan Murphy joined Disney as an executive following the company’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox.

Netflix’s Star Producer Joins Disney+ for Original Content

If the rumors are accurate, Ryan Murphy’s exit from Netflix will be a big loss for the streaming service, which has been struggling to keep its subscriber base happy in the face of ongoing cancellations and a more stringent policy on the sharing of passwords. The streaming industry titan just ended its entire DVD rental business, marking the company’s definitive separation from its beginnings.

As a result of the overwhelming failure of Murphy’s initial projects for Netflix, namely The Politician, Hollywood, The Prom (2020), and Ratched, many people questioned whether or not a prolific and well-liked television producer could effectively move to streaming. However, in DAHMER-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, he was finally able to find his footing, and with The Watcher, he continued to captivate audiences.

Disney still appears to have a significant amount of interest in Murphy’s abilities, despite the recent layoffs and other cost-cutting measures. As a result of the FOX acquisition, The Walt Disney Company now owns a significant portion of Murphy’s television portfolio; as a result, Bloomberg speculates that they will take use of this position to save money on royalties.

While Disney management seek to make Disney+ viable by deleting programming that isn’t very popular and transitioning to a subscription model that includes an ad-supported tier, the talented Murphy might be the boost that the streaming service needs.

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