Engagement’stressed’ Barbara Palvin 2023
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Engagement’stressed’ Barbara Palvin 2023

Barbara Palvin felt “stressed” by her engagement to Dylan Sprouse.

Barbara, a 29-year-old model who has been engaged to Dylan, 30, since September, maintains she is not concerned about her wedding day.

She told V magazine, “I’m not particularly apprehensive about getting married.

“I believe the engagement was more stressful than the ceremony. Dylan kept the ring in his possession for seven months before he popped the question, whereas for me, the proposal was spontaneous.

Since we began dating, I’ve known I want to marry him, but it’s a difficult decision.

Engagement'stressed' Barbara Palvin 2023 3

Barbara is equally delighted to be sealing the knot in her native Hungary.

The model jokingly asserted that her parents would have “killed” her if they had wed elsewhere.

She stated, “I’m excited to demonstrate this aspect of myself and introduce my culture, the locations I grew up, and the places I’ve traveled. I believe that many people will learn even more about me in this manner. My parents would have murdered me had we not gotten married in Hungary.”

Barbara and Dylan have been in a relationship for five years, and the model believes that hard work has been the driving force behind their relationship.

She explained, “I realize it’s a truism, but a relationship requires effort.

There is no such thing as a flawless human relationship. You must be vulnerable and truthful with your companion, and it’s okay if your opinions don’t always align. The key is to always want to work together and to avoid fighting. Because if one of you triumphs, both of you lose.”

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