Famed juror Ronald Gladden: I came months later 2023
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Famed juror Ronald Gladden: I came months later 2023

Ronald Gladden is currently making headlines after he confessed that it was difficult to forget everything he saw on the Jury Duty joke. In a conversation with a tabloid, he described what it was like to discover that the entire program was an elaborate hoax and that he was the only one who believed it.

Regarding the Freevee program, “It’s back to normal now, sure. But I’m not lying; months and months later, I was still asked, “Was that staged, fake, or performed by an actor?” It took me months to acknowledge and embrace the reality of what had transpired.

The mental health of Ronald Gladden has always come first.

Talking about Ronald’s mental health, showrunner Cody Heller stated, “His mental health has always taken precedence, and we have never wanted to traumatize him or make him feel bad in any way.” “However, the entire purpose of the show was to celebrate this man as a hero, which, I mean, who knew we’d end up with literally the kindest man on earth?”

Famed juror Ronald Gladden: I came months later 2023 3

Cast members used to presume Ronald was always present in the room.

There were instances when the ruse came close to being exposed, primarily when James Marsden had a real-life conversation while Ronald was in the restroom.

He stated, “We did not know he was in the room because he balked, went to the restroom, balked, and returned. After that, we were extremely cautious, stating, ‘We can’t have a conversation. We must presume he is present in the room at all times.'”

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