Fans react to Emmy-winning drama “Succession” conclusion 2023
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Fans react to Emmy-winning drama “Succession” conclusion 2023

The highly acclaimed drama’s fourth and final season answered the series’ primary question: Which of the Murdoch-esque Roy family siblings would win?

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen.

The 88-minute finale of HBO’s smash series about a rich media mogul and his children’s quest to take over Waystar Royco on Sunday night left fans reeling since none of the Roy siblings won.

In the episode, Shiv Roy destroyed Kendall’s intentions to maintain their late father’s firm and become CEO by voting to sell it to Swedish software giant GoJo.

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After a yelling brawl developed into a wrestling bout, the nihilistic Roman called the three siblings “nothing.” Tom Wambsgans, Shiv’s no-longer-estranged spouse and soon-to-be-baby-daddy, became the new CEO with Cousin Greg at his side despite last-minute betrayal.

Kendall looks dejectedly towards the water in the conclusion. Credits roll.

“I put my marker down on Tom and Greg,” said Oregon trusts and estates lawyer Jennifer Gould after watching the episode.

“Succession” is popular with coastal media and agenda-setting groups, thus the conclusion will undoubtedly have a cultural imprint. On Sunday night, #Succession topped Twitter, followed by Shiv, Kendall, Greg, and Tom Wambsgans.

The Emmy-winning drama influenced Washington’s debt ceiling debate on Sunday, when a solution was reached hours before the conclusion. “Enjoy Succession,” a White House official told reporters.

“Succession” is better compared to previous prestige TV finales than those of network behemoths. “The Sopranos”‘ 2007 fade to black to “Don’t Stop Believin'” established the bar for talkability and inscrutability.

“Succession” also left questions. The Roys’ network named far-right presidential candidate Jeryd Mencken the winner. Did he win? Will GoJo close? Does Tom-Shiv work?

Gould replied he would ponder this.

recent York City management expert Pamela Soin and a group of friends had watched every “Succession” episode this season with a serious ritual, but Soin only watched the last episode with her father, a recent believer, because of the Memorial Day vacation weekend.

“I feel like it was the closest thing to a succession if they didn’t pick one of the siblings,” Soin remarked.

Soin’s father, who had only viewed the pilot earlier Sunday before snoozing sporadically during the conclusion, hoped a family reunion would preserve their dad’s firm.

Not much.

“Where we left it is: Those three kids with all their personalities — they lost control of everything due to their characters and who they are,” Soin remarked.

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Hit TV series endings are hit-or-miss. “Breaking Bad’s” 2013 gory finale and “Mad Men’s” 2015 zen ending delighted its picky followers. The final HBO show, “Game of Thrones,” did not. “Seinfeld” and “Lost” know that endings are difficult and often disappointing.

Sunday’s finale surprised Kendall fans who thought he’d win.

Soin believed the finale will upset many.

Bengaluru college student Suraj Nandy, 20, was counting down the hours before Sunday’s finale. Nandy missed the program because he had to take his ill cat to the vet at 6:30 a.m. local time.

Nandy hopes no spoilers will appear.

“I’m completely avoiding every social media platform until I get to watching it,” he said on Whatsapp 30 minutes before the program began. “No risk!”

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