Grace Van Dien reveals Stranger Things 5’s’someone significant’ may die 2023
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Grace Van Dien reveals Stranger Things 5’s’someone significant’ may die 2023

The Internet was rife with Stranger Things fever upon the release of season four, and fans are even more eager for the final season of their favorite science fiction horror drama television series. The actress Grace Van Dien, who portrays Chrissy Cunningham in the series, has divulged details about the upcoming season. Keep reading to discover what she said.

Grace Van Dien discusses a ‘essential’ fatality in Stranger Things’ final season.

Grace Van Dien has revealed what she knows about the final season of Stranger Things, as viewers speculate and theorize about what could happen. The 26-year-old actress has discussed a possible character fatality that could occur in season five of the immensely popular 1980s-set Netflix series.

This week, during the panel portion of a fan convention in Holland, Van Dien discussed the demise of “someone important” in the series’ final season. When asked by a fan, “What do you anticipate from the fifth season of Stranger Things?” the actress responded, “I’ve heard an important character will die.” Audience members were quite startled by Van Dien’s response, and one of them exclaimed, “What? Noooo!”

Grace Van Dien reveals Stranger Things 5's'someone significant' may die 2023 3

Then, Van Dien responded and added, “Spoilers? This is public! Tom Wlaschiha, who portrays Dmitri “Enzo” Antonov on the program and was seated next to Van Dien, responded, “Yeah, but not for at least another year.

Grace Van Dien, who portrays Chrissy Cunningham in Stranger Things, said that someone significant’ may die in the final season.

I believe filming won’t begin until the summer, and the film won’t be released for another year or so, as the actress nodded in agreement. Since the video was released on the Internet, fans have been speculating about the possible fatalities and creating elaborate theories with proofs and foreshadowing signals.

Finn Wolfhard, who portrays Mike Wheeler in the immensely popular series, believes that each character will receive a “perfect ending.” During an interview with Indie Wire, he stated, “What’s going to be so great about season five is that the Duffers [creators and executive producers] are sort of attempting to thread this needle in order to give each character their ideal conclusion. Thus, I am eager to see what transpires.”

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