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Keanu Reeves honors “consummate professional” Lance Redick 2023

Keanu Reeves praised Lance Reddick as the “ultimate professional” and a “delight to collaborate with” in a recent interview.

Keanu Reeves honors "consummate professional" Lance Redick 2023 3

Both the 58-year-old actor and Chad Stahelski, the director of the film “John Wick,” have paid their respects to the late movie star, who passed away unexpectedly on Friday morning (March 17, 23), at the age of 60.

In a joint statement, Keanu, who stars in the ‘John Wick’ film trilogy, and Chad stated, “We are terribly grieved and heartbroken by the passing of our dear friend and colleague Lance Reddick.” Chad is also a member of the cast of the ‘John Wick’ film franchise.

“He was the epitome of professionalism and a true pleasure to collaborate with. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Stephanie, and all of his children, as well as the rest of his family and friends. We want to honor his memory by devoting this movie to him. We shall miss him very, very much.

Reddick had just just been doing promotion for the film “John Wick 4”, in which he had previously portrayed the character Charon.

Lionsgate, which is in the entertainment business, has also said something nice about Reddick.

According to a statement released by the production studio, “The universe of Wick would not be what it is without Lance Reddick and the amazing depth he gave to Charon’s compassion and unflappable charm.”

“Lance has left behind an indelible legacy and a collection of work that is enormously remarkable, but we will remember him as our wonderful, happy friend and Concierge. We are shocked and completely devastated, and our sincerest sympathies go out to his cherished family as well as his devoted followers in every corner of the globe.

Ben Stiller has taken to social media in the past in order to offer a sincere homage to Reddick. In his post, Stiller referred to Reddick as a “wonderful and compelling performer.”

Ben, who is 57 years old, posted the following on Twitter: “Lance Reddick was a stunning and captivating actor.” And a gorgeous person. In my mom Anne Meara’s play “Afterplay,” in which he played Raziel, the waiter/angel of death, he collaborated with my mom Anne Meara. He was impeccable in every aspect of his life and work.

Nothing has been wasted. [heart emoji]” [heart emoji]”

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