Kramer’s ‘longest vacation yet’ 2023
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Kramer’s ‘longest vacation yet’ 2023

Can anyone hazard a guess as to where Team Kramer will be heading this time?

The Kramer family is going on yet another vacation, and they certainly deserve it!

A picture of Doug Kramer, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, and their three children, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, posing with their carry-on luggage was posted on Instagram by Doug Kramer. In the shot, Chesca Garcia-Kramer is also visible.

After a month of working and attending school, the former professional basketball player stated that they are about to embark on their “longest vacation” to date.

“Bye Manila! Please keep us in your prayers as we embark on our longest vacation to date, which follows a crazy month of May filled with meetings, school, product launches, and shoots. A really important one,” Doug stated as the caption for his photo.

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Doug mentioned that this will be Team Kramer’s first time in the continent that they are traveling to, but Team Kramer has not yet disclosed their destination.

“About to cross off several places that have been on my bucket list to visit!

He went on to say that he was quite thrilled for this one.

After they had finished their stopover, Doug posted a snapshot to his Instagram stories showing the entire traveling squad together.

“Layover done! “And we’re off to reach our destination,” he announced.

One of the things that Team Kramer enjoys doing together the most is going on trips.

at April of 2017, the family vacationed at Puerto Princesa, which is located in Palawan.

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