Lin Chi-ling reveals why she’s leaving showbiz 2023
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Lin Chi-ling reveals why she’s leaving showbiz 2023

Fans may have witnessed Chiling Lin’s final screen performance.

The Taiwanese model-actress has delivered the bombshell that she will not return to the entertainment industry to raise her son.

Lin announced her marriage to Japanese actor Akira, 41, a member of the Japanese boy band Exile, in June 2019, after reportedly dating for six months in secrecy.

She announced on social media that she had given birth to a son.

The actress, known for films like the historical war epic Red Cliff (2008 and 2009) and the romantic film Say Yes (2013), has not appeared on-screen since her cameo in the 2019 film Mayday Life.

Lin was asked in a recent episode of the Taiwanese talk show The Echo Of Life hosted by Kevin Tsai if she would return to acting when her son is older.

Lin Chi-ling reveals why she's leaving showbiz 2023 3

The 48-year-old woman shook her head and questioned, “How old will he be when he no longer requires my assistance? What age am I now? You will know the answer after performing the calculations.”

Tsai estimated that it would take up to 15 years. Lin exhaled and wished that the image of “Sister Chiling” would remain in the imaginations of the public.

“I hope that in the future, when I have white hair, everyone will still remember me with black hair as the one who is warm and smiling,” she said.

Tsai inquired if this meant she would no longer make public appearances.

Lin stated that she would contemplate volunteering for charitable functions. In 2011, she established The Chiling Charity Foundation to aid impoverished families and children as well as finance Taiwanese disaster relief projects.

She added, however, that she would not want to be entirely disconnected from the world.

She said, “I hope to do a good job as a mother, but I will also stay connected to the world and know what’s going on.” “My husband and I can have a nice conversation if he has some opinions or inquiries. I believe the most frightening issue for couples is when they have nothing to say to one another.”

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