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Miniature Railroad and Village add Children’s Hospital 2023

The Miniature Railroad and Town at the Carnegie Science Center now has a reproduction of the first Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Nikki Wilhelm, the manager of the Miniature Railroad and Village, stated that “we chose this model partly because it has such a great story attached to it, but also because it seemed like it would be a nice way to honor health care workers after years of caring for a community during a pandemic.” “We chose this model partly because it has such a great story attached to it,” “This further illustrates the progress that has been made in Pittsburgh’s health care business.”

Kirk LeMoyne, whose father was a pediatrician, was the one who came up with the concept of a hospital just for children. It was determined that he and his pals would try to gather the required $3,000 in order to establish a single cot in the endowment program at the Western Pennsylvania Hospital. The only people who would ever utilize the cot are infants and young children. And the year 1887 marked the beginning of the Cot Club’s efforts to raise money.

The Cot Club was able to surpass its contribution target, and the remaining money has been placed in a savings account in preparation for the construction of an entire hospital devoted to the treatment of children. Children’s Hospital was made possible thanks to the contributions given by the club as well as a legacy of $40,000 made by the philanthropist Jane Holmes. It turned the McDevitt Mansion, which was located on Craft Avenue in Oakland, into a small hospital with 15 beds.

A scaled-down replica of the original Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh will be located between the airport and the city itself, encircled on all sides by residential neighborhoods.

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