Mission: Impossible 7 Will Reveal Ethan Hunt’s Pre-IMF Life 2023
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Mission: Impossible 7 Will Reveal Ethan Hunt’s Pre-IMF Life 2023

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One explores Ethan Hunt’s history. Dead Reckoning Part One sends Ethan Hunt back to save the world as the first half of the franchise’s projected two-part conclusion.

The film’s main adversary, Esai Morales, will haunt him again. The Mission: Impossible franchise hasn’t explored Ethan’s history in six films since 1996, but the next one will.

Before Mission: Impossible 7’s summer release, director Christopher McQuarrie told Empire that the film will examine Ethan’s history for the first time.

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Four-time franchise director McQuarrie believes Dead Reckoning Part One’s adversary enabled them to explore Ethan’s murky origins before the IMF. The director discloses the villain’s name, Gabriel, which is significant.

Mission: Impossible 7: Ethan’s Past?

Mission: Impossible—Dead Reckoning Ethan’s pre-IMF history has never been covered in the franchise’s six films, therefore Part One would be a first.

McQuarrie’s claim that Gabriel “knew Ethan before Ethan was Ethan” supports the long-held belief that Ethan Hunt is an IMF operative’s pseudonym. The franchise will reveal his early career before the IMF, which is unknown.

McQuarrie’s Gabriel tease is intriguing. Since Ethan doesn’t know anyone with that name, it’s likely an allusion to the Bible’s archangel Gabriel, who revealed God’s will.

“You have no idea the power I represent,” Gabriel says in the Mission: Impossible 7 teaser. McQuarrie wants to save the surprises regarding Ethan and Gabriel’s background for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.

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