Native American Writers: Protesting and Strikes Are Normal 2023
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Native American Writers: Protesting and Strikes Are Normal 2023

The NAIWC has spoken out during the US writers strike. The authors Guild’s smallest committee has been holding activities to raise awareness of underprivileged authors’ working circumstances. A recent picket at Walt Disney Studios drew 100 individuals. The NAIWC included world champion hoop dancer Eric Michael Hernandez and the Southern California Bird Singers.

Sierra Teller Ornelas, “Rutherford Falls” showrunner, says the NAIWC is battling for its tales. Indigenous WGA members who protest for their rights make up the committee. Aiko Little, NAIWC vice chair, said Indigenous communities protest every Tuesday. The committee perseveres and speaks out.

Native American Writers: Protesting and Strikes Are Normal 2023 3

Protests and strikes are everyday occurrences for Native American authors.

Indigenous WGA members remain enthusiastic despite the six-week strike. Unity across cultures, age groups, guilds, and vocations keeps Ornelas upbeat. She said younger authors who want more and change motivate her. The NAIWC has been encouraged by SAG-AFTRA and other unions.

The NAIWC picket at Walt Disney Studios was one of numerous striking activities staged by disadvantaged authors. Trans Takeover Thursday also highlighted transgender authors’ struggles. These events emphasize industry diversity and the need for better working conditions for authors.

In conclusion, the NAIWC is a tiny but vocal Writers Guild group advocating for Indigenous storytelling rights. The organization has held activities during the writers strike to highlight neglected authors’ struggles. The NAIWC perseveres and speaks up despite obstacles. The committee’s backing from other unions like SAG-AFTRA has been positive.

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