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NMIXX’s Sullyoon covers IU’s “Through The Night” emotionally 2023

On Begin Again Open Mic, Sullyoon of the rookie K-pop girl group NMIXX sang IU’s 2017 hit “Through The Night.”

On 13 March evening, JTBC’s live music YouTube series Begin Again Open Mic uploaded footage of the K-pop artist performing IU’s 2017 hit ‘Through The Night’ in front of a tiny live crowd. The NMIXX vocalist appeared on the show alongside bandmate Lily, who played an acoustic rendition of “Symphony” by Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson in a video that was uploaded last week.

Sullyoon revealed after the performance that she selected to perform “Through The Night” because she frequently listened to it and had just learned to play the guitar arrangement. “It’s a song I frequently listen to, and I spent about a month learning to play it on the guitar,” she added.

“I taught myself how to play it on guitar while singing at home, so I wanted to try singing it for everyone here,” Sullyoon said.

When questioned if she had considered rehearsing other songs for the performance, the idol confessed that she had also contemplated covering Ariana Grande’s 2014 single “Best Mistake,” before performing a little excerpt from the song.

NMIXX debuted the music video for their new song ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’ yesterday (March 13), a B-side from the female group’s forthcoming first mini-album ‘expérgo’. The six-track album and music video for its first song “Love Me Like This” is scheduled to be released on March 20 at 6 pm KST.

JYP Entertainment has recently modified the music video for ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’ to remove parts in which member Haewon was shown wearing a shirt with the tagline “C – charisma, U – uniqueness, N – nerve, Talent,” made famous by drag queen RuPaul.

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