On Jimmy Fallon, Suga discusses BTS’ pre-performance “shots” and plays Haegeum 2023
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On Jimmy Fallon, Suga discusses BTS’ pre-performance “shots” and plays Haegeum 2023

Suga made his solo television debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he discussed his new album D-Day. The Tonight Show uploaded a video to its YouTube channel in which Suga discussed his fellow BTS members RM, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

In addition, the rapper disclosed that he and the BTS members always take a shot before their concerts. (Also Read | Jimin poses with Suga at his first solo concert in the United States and reveals glimpses inside the event)

Suga discussed BTS’ pre-performance’shots’ on Jimmy Fallon.

Suga responded, “I’m in the midst of a tour, so I’m a little lost. I was unable to view all of the results, but I am pleased that ARMY enjoys my music. Jimmy questioned Suga about the time he delivered food and the quality of his work. Suga replied, “I was very excellent at it. I was excellent at driving.”

On Jimmy Fallon, Suga discusses BTS' pre-performance "shots" and plays Haegeum 2023 3

Jimmy also discussed the rapper’s role as an NBA ambassador with Suga. The rapper chuckled and stated, “When the NBA first contacted me, I had no idea why. Why would they need a representative? Isn’t the NBA more well-known than me? In response, Jimmy and the audience yelled “no.”

When Suga was younger, he wanted to become a professional basketball player, but he was not ‘tall enough’ to do so. He chuckled and responded, “Are you kidding me? I don’t believe any of the other team members are familiar with basketball rules.” He also stated that he derived the appellation ‘Suga’ by combining the first two letters of the phrase shooting guard’.

Suga stated that D-Day has multiple connotations to him when asked what it means to him. “I titled this album D-Day to symbolize my personal liberation from all of life’s constraints,” Suga explained that the title of his composition Haegeum refers to a traditional Korean instrument. It also signifies “liberation from the forbidden.” Suga attempted to play the Haegeum but was unsuccessful.

Jimmy inquired at the conclusion of the tape whether Suga observes any rituals or superstitions prior to performing on stage. Before going on stage, I take a shot of whiskey with the musicians, as the rapper explained. In reality. We take a joint shot. Then we will take the stage.”

Jimmy brought two glasses and they drank at this point. On the program, Suga also performed his song Haegeum. He also waved and blew kisses to his admirers at the conclusion of his performance.

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