12 Jul, 2024

Class Action Definition, Types of Lawsuits, Advantages, and Sample

A Class Action: What Is It? In a class action, one or more plaintiffs file a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group of people, referred to as the class. All class members share in any money gained from a class-action lawsuit after paying legal costs, whether in the form of a settlement or a […]

8 mins read

A Report Says That Car Tech Sales Could Be Banned By The Antitrust Watchdog In Germany

Wisner said that the U.S. and India have a common interest in managing the rise of Chinese power. General Electric will be making military jet engines in India with Hindustan Aeronautics. Frank Wisner, a former U.S. ambassador to India, told CNBC that the opportunity was huge. Several U.S. CEOs, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, will […]

6 mins read