Talon Entertainment Finance helps local studios 2023
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Talon Entertainment Finance helps local studios 2023

After decades of practice, the son of a Rockette and a Saturday Night Live lead stagehand is introducing his family’s show business expertise to St. Petersburg and Tampa. Talon Entertainment Finance is a joint venture that aims to provide financial assistance to the entertainment industry, from fledgling studios to significant productions.

Steven Demmler co-founded Talon, which was first brought to our attention by Coastal Creative, one of our favorite local production companies and event spaces. As part of Demmler’s initiative to increase equity in the entertainment industry, Talon established a grant to provide free LED production walls to start-up companies, and Coastal was the first recipient.

Talon Entertainment Finance helps local studios 2023 3

Local studios are supported by Talon Entertainment Finance.

It is a large undertaking that has already been effective, so it is not surprising that Demmler has accepted the challenge. Few individuals are as well-suited to comprehend both the financial and creative aspects of the industry.

Demmler, who is only 36 years old, has compiled an impressive resume. From being a writer and day-player on Saturday Night Live to earning a master’s degree in finance from New York University and a master’s degree in global finance from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, this stark contrast in careers may appear strange. But for Demmler, it was an ideal suit.

He had witnessed firsthand how many people in the entertainment industry adored their professions but lacked financial security. In order to bridge the distance between dreams and actuality, Talon steps in.

Talon is also capable of providing secured loans rapidly and openly, enabling creators to leverage their assets and comprehend the complex process. Moreover, the company collaborates directly with production companies and studios in need of growth capital and expert partnership – thereby propelling them to the next level.

As stated, a significant portion of their vision includes production equipment such as the LED walls that Coastal Creative is utilizing. So frequently, and especially as technology advances exponentially, modern creators lack the futuristic facilities that are readily available to today’s major productions.

Talon assists studios in obtaining the capital required to construct studios and sound stages of the next generation. They are able to accomplish this by producing their own LED Volumes, which they can finance, lease, and sell directly – thereby helping to illuminate the next generation of inventiveness.

Now, Demmler’s goal has become a reality – he has created a path that allows anyone in the industry to do the job they adore more efficiently.

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