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The FBI Came To See Charleston White, He Says. 2023

Charleston White found himself in the FBI’s crosshairs this week on allegations of abducting Asian women and keeping them hostage with firearms and explosives. This past week, a video showed the Internet star and former gang leader being held by police officials outside a grocery shop in his home state of Texas.

White may have been spotted driven in the rear of a police car by two cops in front of a group of guys in expensive and casual dress, perhaps FBI agents.

Upon his release, Charleston White explained his meeting with the authorities in a telephone chat with a buddy he filmed on Instagram Live; the charges of kidnapping are not factual.

“I got pulled up by the FBI. As the FBI were picking me up, they was at my momma’s house. Someone phoned the FBI with a photo when I got that M50 two weeks ago. They forwarded that image to the FBI today, with me holding the M50 at the gun store,” White revealed.

“And they said that I got Asian ladies — now, this what the FBI stated they said — they said I have Asian girls held hostage with Glocks, switches and explosives. What they did was, they was watching my Live! ‘Cause they watch my Live all the time.”

A few days previously, Charleston White started a racist and venomous rant against rapper China Mac and the Asian community on Instagram Live, wherein he declared he believed. “Chinese ladies should be raped mercilessly by large dick, well-hung Black men” and “Chinese kids should be slaughtered and sodomized.” In addition, a video of him exhibiting his aforementioned new pistol had more vicious sentiments intended towards China Mac.

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