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The Sixth Advantage of Personal Training

If you want to improve your level of fitness, you might be considering if hiring a personal trainer is the right course of action.

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A personal trainer can assist you in reaching your fitness and health goals, regardless of whether you’ve never worked out before or the gym has become your second home.

A qualified personal trainer has the abilities to create and carry out safe and effective exercise plans for their clients. In other words, they will encourage you to exercise and modify your lifestyle in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Here are nine reasons to consider hiring a personal trainer; keep reading to learn more.

1. Encourages more accountability

Perhaps the most difficult part of maintaining a fitness routine is just getting the exercises done and performing them on a regular basis.

If you would rather curl up on the couch or stay in bed, you are significantly more likely to neglect coming to the gym when no one is depending on you to show up.

Working out in person or virtually with a personal trainer might give you the drive to work out not just during your scheduled sessions but also, preferably, several times a week.

You could also find that exercising with a trainer at your side motivates you to put in more effort than training alone.

The saying “Go together if you want to go far” may not be unfamiliar to you. An individual’s odds of achieving their fitness and health goals rise with the amount of support they receive, as several studies have shown.

As a matter of fact, eleven years of research were used to analyze how closely people followed their weight loss plans. Research indicated that those with higher levels of accountability were more likely to stick with their weight loss program.

2. You’ll learn more about the health, fitness, and physique of yourself.

A personal trainer is there not just to raise your heart rate but also most likely to impart some knowledge.

A high school degree and training in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are prerequisites for certification as a personal trainer with any of the recognized associations, such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE) or the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

They must also pass the first certification exam and fulfill the yearly continuing education requirements in order to stay current.

This suggests that your personal trainer is knowledgeable about human physiology, body mechanics, exercise science, and behavior modification. They can instruct you on which exercises are ideal for you, how to use certain equipment, and how to conduct exercises with the best technique.

More sophisticated exercise and health-related topics that might help you maintain a healthy lifestyle may also be taught by them.

But for now, let’s concentrate on a single exercise. A deceptively basic exercise that is actually rather difficult is the squat (2).

Many factors are at play, including how your fitness level, body mechanics, goals, and other factors affect your head, pelvis, upper and lower back, knee alignment, and foot posture (2).

Having a personal trainer may be quite beneficial for assisting with technique and placement. They could help ensure that your exercise regimen is as effective as feasible for your body.

Doing this will keep you safe from injury in addition to possibly yielding better results.

3. Facilitates goal-setting

Have you ever had high expectations for your fitness and health and failed to meet them, like preparing for a marathon or shedding 20 pounds (9 kg)? Alternatively, if you’re not really into goal-setting, maybe you simply need some guidance.

By assisting you in setting realistic goals based on your special abilities and experiences, a personal trainer can aid you along the way.

When starting a fitness journey, even if your primary purpose is to feel better or stay active, having a goal, no matter how little, may help keep you motivated.

Based on an analysis of their data, members of the UK-based weight management organization Slimming World who set weight reduction objectives lost more weight over a 12-month period than those who did not.

Select your short- and long-term goals and create a plan of action to reach them with your personal trainer.

4. A tailored approach will be provided to you.

Google may provide a plethora of training programs and routines, but that doesn’t always indicate that they’re the best options for you. A personal trainer can ensure that your program is tailored to your needs and will provide the best results.

Imagine, for illustration purposes, that following your first session with your trainer, they find that your right leg is weaker than your left, and you were not aware of this. It is exacerbated by the fact that you are adjusting for this imbalance in many of your daily movements and activities.

In order to address this imbalance and help you gain general strength, your trainer will subsequently incorporate single-leg workouts into your programs.

Actually, it appears from recent studies that personalized workout plans are advantageous for just this reason.

Twenty-four well-trained male junior soccer players were the focus of the inquiry. The participants were divided into two groups for the strength program training; the first group’s muscles were balanced, while the second group’s were not.

The results showed that for the purpose of treating the musculoskeletal abnormalities that these soccer players were suffering, tailored resistance training programs would be more beneficial than traditional strength-training methods.

5. Flexible schedule and framework

A personal trainer can meet with you in person once a week, several times a week, or even once a month, depending on what suits your schedule best. Virtual personal training is gaining popularity in the modern day.

Using a phone or laptop, your trainer utilizes a video conference to assist you with the workout as you work out at home.

Your specific goals will be the focus of each session, which typically lasts thirty to sixty minutes. There is a personal trainer for everyone, regardless of location, budget, skill level, or physical limitations.

6. Promotes variety in exercise

It’s possible that you exercise out of habit, sticking to the same workout routines at home or utilizing the same equipment at the gym.

A personal trainer may help you stay motivated and prevent boredom by exposing you to exercises you may not have attempted on your own or have never done before.

In an eight-week study involving 21 men who did weight training, one group adhered to a predetermined exercise plan while the other utilized an app to sporadically alter their practice.

It was shown by researchers that altering up one’s workout routine improved people’s motivation. Both the constant and variable workouts showed comparable effects on the muscles.

What lesson does the narrative teach us? Sometimes, change is a beautiful thing. You’ll challenge the limitations of your body’s movement patterns and compel your mind to work. Plus, you could find something you really love. Even if you decide not to, you’ll be happy you gave it a go.