Todd Phillips’ Joker Neared The Limit With One Scene 2023
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Todd Phillips’ Joker Neared The Limit With One Scene 2023

Without the inventive choice made by Todd Phillips, any sympathy for the psychotic jester would have vanished in an instant.

In his 2019 film Joker, Todd Phillips’ portrayal of an iconic Batman villain was praised for a number of reasons.

Audiences praised Joaquin Phoenix’s brilliant depiction of the film’s protagonist, as well as the film’s compelling story of a man descending into lunacy, its visual style, and more.

And if not for the director’s ingenious strategy, all of the audience’s sympathy could have evaporated in a single dramatic scene.

Throughout the film, we observe society’s systematic mistreatment of Arthur. He is assaulted on the street by thugs for no reason and dismissed from his job without guilt.

A coworker frames him, which causes him to lose his other employment. Therefore, when he eventually stands up for himself and murders Wayne employees in cold blood in the subway, the audience feels entirely justified.

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They were the ones who initially assaulted him.

The same holds true when Arthur murders the aforementioned self-centered coworker. The other man is spared because he did nothing wrong to Arthur and was kind to him.

Arthur does not shoot the audience when he murders Murray, because they did nothing wrong, unlike the arrogant late-night anchor.

Even when he suffocates his mother, the audience does not turn against him because she neglected him as a child and permitted Arthur to be abused by her companion.

Even though Arthur has imagined most of their interactions in his delusions, she has always been kind and pleasant in their actual interactions.

Even when she discovers him in her living room in the middle of the night, Sophie remains composed and requests that he depart.

The next scene depicts Arthur fleeing his apartment in a hurry, only to have a nervous collapse in his own room. It is debatable whether he actually murdered Sophie, but the background music and police sirens strongly indicate that he did.

Zazie Beetz will reportedly reprise her role in the sequel Joker: Folie à Deux, for which photography recently concluded. It is unknown, however, whether Sophie actually survived or will appear as a hallucination or in a recollection.

The release date for the film is October 4, 2024.

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