WhiteWater will attend SEA Expo in Riyadh 2023
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WhiteWater will attend SEA Expo in Riyadh 2023

WhiteWater, a prominent aquatic entertainment manufacturer and designer, will attend the fifth Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Exhibition (SEA EXPO 2023) for the fourth year.

The event, held May 28-30 at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre, brings together Middle East entertainment industry leaders to explore how to improve Saudi Arabia’s leisure business.

Mike Rigby, WhiteWater’s General Manager and Regional Vice President for the Middle East and India, will talk at the next exhibition on how hotels and resorts can increase their profits by combining entertainment and hospitality. Differentiation is crucial since Saudi Arabian hotels are expected to boost room availability.

A recent Hotel & Leisure Advisors analysis found that hotels with indoor water parks had a 59% average increase in RevPAR.

WhiteWater supports the country’s Vision 2030 aims to develop a world-class entertainment destination.

Mike said: “SEA Expo is a significant business destination for us as it enables us to connect with new partners and help to grow the awareness and understanding of the aquatics industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Mike, a SEA Expo 2023 advisory board member, said, “WhiteWater’s participation in the exhibition presents an opportunity to forge new connections, enter the tourist attraction industry in the Kingdom, and attract potential customers.”

Families from throughout the Kingdom can bond in water parks. These immersive places fascinate grandparents, parents, and youngsters. From thrilling rides to relaxing pools to interactive water play zones that spark laughing, every feature promotes generational pleasure.

The three-day event will highlight the Kingdom’s billion-dollar entertainment sector investment aspirations. Saudi investments in entertainment and leisure would reach $64 billion by 2030.

According to Vision 2030, the Kingdom will host various events and become a worldwide entertainment hub, tourism destination, and model for sustainable attractions and water parks. The plan may boost the Kingdom’s GDP by 4.2% by 2030.

WhiteWater will attend SEA Expo in Riyadh 2023 3

WhiteWater passionately works to create compelling entertainment locations that bring Saudi families together and bring them joy.

The Kingdom’s tourism and entertainment sectors grew 47.6% annually under Vision 2030’s diversification initiatives.

SEA Expo 2023

SEA Expo 2023 will feature top international brands of products, services, and innovations. Manufacturers, distributors, service providers, procurement and supply officials, executives, investors, and others present regional and international case studies to improve the Kingdom’s entertainment market.

“SEA Expo allows companies to showcase their products, services, and cutting-edge technologies to over 10,000 industry specialists. “These experts are developing the entertainment sector and improving its infrastructure, aligning with Vision 2030’s goals of increasing investment opportunities, diversifying economic activities, expanding entertainment offerings, and improving quality of life,” said Mike.

WhiteWater wants to assist the Kingdom reach its Vision 2030 objective of 600 entertainment destinations by 2030 with its water park developments. WhiteWater will use cutting-edge technology and smart solutions to incorporate sustainability into its entertainment initiatives with major regional and worldwide leisure brands. This strategy preserves Saudi Arabia’s riches and sustains the entertainment sector.

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