Yellowstone Fans: Beth and Kayce’s Absence of Screentime 2023
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Yellowstone Fans: Beth and Kayce’s Absence of Screentime 2023

“Yellowstone” is the type of series that has consistently developed its side characters and gradually revealed new facets of the major group. Several of the most important characters in Taylor Sheridan’s contemporary western are, of course, members of the Dutton family, who own and operate the eponymous ranch.

Among them are the infamously abrasive Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and cowboy family guy Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes). Fans have remarked how little time the two characters spend together on “Yellowstone,” despite the fact that they are two of the most prominent characters on the show and even share the same residence.

This a thread to discuss this particular creative choice and pondered why it has been so pervasive across all five seasons of “Yellowstone.” “If it’s not a writing issue, I’m not sure why they don’t interact more,” the user pondered.

They said, “I cannot tell if Kayce cares much for Beth.” “Beth does appear to care for him, as she was extremely distressed when she saw how mangled his face was in Season 1.”

Yet, the OP went on to emphasize how little Kayce responded to Beth’s own horrific attack in Season 2.

Viewers question why Beth and Kayce appear on-screen so little.

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The user also saw more narrative developments on “Yellowstone” that suggested a peculiar relationship between Kayce and Beth Dutton. “She doesn’t invite him or Monica (with whom she has a wonderful connection) or Tate to her wedding, and she doesn’t console him after Monica loses her baby in Season 5.” Considering how important family is to Beth, these omissions are quite puzzling.

Numerous people soon concurred with the OP’s statement. Luke Grimes and Kelly Reilly have both shown interest in sharing the screen more, but u/MontanaJoev suggests that “Yellowstone” creator and showrunner Taylor Sheridan may not know how to bring the two extremely different characters together without offending either one.

“I believe it’s because Sheridan doesn’t know how Kayce should respond to Beth’s dramatics,” they added. Thus, it would appear that he’s satisfied to co-exist without getting caught into her craziness. I’m sure Monica feels the same way.

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