Zachary Levi Subtly Criticizes Warner Bros 2023
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Zachary Levi Subtly Criticizes Warner Bros 2023

Shazam!, starring Zachary Levi, is a superhero movie. The second installment of the Shazam franchise inside the DC world, Fury of the Gods, underperformed the actor’s expectations at the box office. No one anticipated this conclusion, and ever since the teaser and film were published, there has been much criticism from fans.

He said “Yet A Lot Of Families Aren’t Aware Of That”

Today, Zachary discussed what may go wrong with the movie office flop, and it seems he took an indirect shot at Warner Bros. as he wrote on his Twitter account. Continue scrolling for more information.

Without a doubt, Zachary Levi, who reprised the role of Shazam after the first film, is rather disheartened by the box office performance. According to rumors, the film’s director, David F. Sandberg, has previously stated that he will not return for another superhero film; however, no such declarations have been made by Levi.

In a recent tweet, Zachary Levi discussed what went wrong with Shazam 2 and why it bombed at the box office. Despite what appeared to be an oblique jab at Warner Bros., he did not want to cast the finger at anybody. Yet, he also stated that his film may have performed better with a more effective marketing approach.

Zachary Levi Subtly Criticizes Warner Bros 2023 3

Zachary Levi takes indirect aim at Warner Bros. for Shazam 2’s lackluster box office performance.

He wrote, “This is true as well. Sad, but accurate Nobody knows how much this truly affects the box office. Nonetheless, I believe that marketing is our biggest obstacle. Despite the fact that this is an ideal family film, many families are unaware of this fact. Which is very regrettable.”

The majority of Shazam 2’s spectacular effects and cameos were announced before to the film’s release, resulting in the loss of the film’s appeal. Perhaps if it were tailored to the appropriate audience, Shazam! The film may have performed better at the box office.

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