01 Mar, 2024

5 Things To Contemplate Before Buying Reptiles On-line

In particular, the predominant view, propelled by the exotic pet trade, that reptiles are low-maintenance pets needs to be actively refuted. Despite indication that many reptiles aren’t being provided with the most primary survival-related husbandry needs, 86% of respondents reported that their pets experienced good or excellent welfare. Self-reported welfare and husbandry scores were additionally […]

6 mins read

The History And Evolution Of Canine Training

Desperate dog homeowners are often steered down a path of disaster. All in pursuit of their misguided ideology while missing probably the most fundamental data of learning science and software. Positive punishment and unfavorable reinforcement strategies are a part of aversive primarily based self-discipline coaching. Reward based strategies solely reward the behaviors that you actually […]

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