93-Year-Old Marvel Artist John Romita Sr. Dies 2023
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93-Year-Old Marvel Artist John Romita Sr. Dies 2023

John Romita Sr., who co-created Marvel’s most famous characters, died at 93. John Romita Jr. tweeted his father’s death, calling him a “legend in the art world.”

Romita Sr. attended Manhattan School of Industrial Art in 1947. He started comics aged 19 after serving in the U.S. Army. After ten years with Marvel and DC, he joined Marvel full-time in 1966.

Romita Sr.’s five years on The Amazing Spider-Man with Stan Lee were Marvel’s most important. He replaced Steve Ditko, who had invented the character with Lee in 1961 but left after a disagreement.

Romita created Mary Jane Watson, Kingpin, and Spider-Man, Marvel’s best-selling character. As Marvel’s unofficial art director, he designed Luke Cage, the Punisher, and Wolverine.

Romita Sr. worked as art director and artist for Marvel for over two decades.

He departed Marvel in 1996 but worked on other Spider-Man projects including a DC Superman cover. In interviews, Romita Sr. regretted not being born earlier to join the first generation of comic book artists and writers.

He took delight in improving on others’ ideas, thinking he could always do better.

Victor and Virginia Romita Sr. survive him. He left a legacy in comics.

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